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  1. That'd be awesome! Glad to hear they're constantly working on the physics/aerodynamics as well, although it is not as "marketable". I guess it's a plus, that it's Sebs' child.
  2. I'd rather not see *this* co-pilot. 😄 Immersion wise.
  3. Imagine intergameplay. Fly goods to the airport, where you can watch actual players take-off. 🙂 Probably a bit in the future still, but certainly imaginable.
  4. Scenery Gateway is something great. It's what made XP finally worth playing airport-wise. The community effort allows more detailed airports than AI could possibly create. If I think about those two five-storey appartment blocks instead of hangars in default LOWZ... and that's nothing rare.
  5. Now it's time to go back to the XP forum and enjoy all the joys it brings to you, isn't it? 😜
  6. That's the benefit of the early adopters. Still, those numbers are insane considering the timespan.
  7. Maybe this plays a role in Fenix licensing parts of the Prosim engine. Seems like the market in MSFS is even larger than I thought.
  8. Selling more in 12h than in all other platforms together is quite a statement. Jan/Feb is close enough regarding the 737.
  9. I thought so too when it was in development. But it is really not that relevant in the sim itself. People often think of it as being some sort of ortho like in XP. But it is much more than that. With ortho you have pretty poor quality at low altitudes - especially close to ground. MSFS solves this with contextual texture-layers and object placement (grass) according to the imagery. It all looks pretty crisp down to ground level. Therefore the slightly worse quality of Bing is not really noticeable (at higher altitude, everything looks quite good).
  10. It would more be like Google teaming up with LR. It's not just about the imagery, especially about processing (imagery, object placement), infrastructure (distribution). The actual sim would only play a small part in that equation. Unless you just want to put wallpaper imagery on ground - in that case, you can already do that.
  11. The FBW Airbus has truly become MSFS' Zibo. They really deserve a donation for all the joy they bring us.
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