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  1. I'm sure there's a trend going in that direction. After all, companies exist to make money. That being said, there are native XP devs who will stay faithful. Companies that made themselves a name over there. Plus the community. I think XP will be fine. But it certainly won't be the go-to address for someone looking for a big market. Plus, most popular planes are already released in XP11. They'd need to make them incompatible with XP12. Which will probably happen. The actual question is: What will happen, once MSFS is on par simulation wise. So probably in a year or so? Will people abandon XP? Will there be a competitive XP12 by the time?
  2. Maybe because Jörg is not a dev? I don't hear the other guys talk like that. The actual devs are quite humble, down to earth guys. Of course you can't know as you clearly don't care for MSFS except for contributing the ever same argument packed into new outfit. At least you put in some effort. 👍
  3. I propose @ChaoticBeauty as community manager over at MS! 😄 He's commited and one of us simmers who knows what we're talking about first hand! 😉
  4. It's a home simulator and a game. You can play it just for fun but also experience realistic flight. You can turn on all helps, or you turn them off and crash when you deploy flaps at overspeed. It's up to you. As for the comparison to other sims - they are still ahead in the realism department, but that will change as soon as more complex addons come out. FBW is showing where we are heading and it's looking good. Planes already feel like they are moving through air and in regards to authentic interaction with weather, it already exceeds the other sims. The rest - like fixing some physics issues and system depth - will come.
  5. I got the XP version of that plane. It's my favorite GA aircraft. And the MSFS screenshots definitely look better than what it looks like in XP. There are a few candidates... 😄 Probably someone who takes a hobby too serious.
  6. Looking great! No way!? I thought it was a screenshot simulator.
  7. Airliners are more complex than GA aircraft. They've already delivered an almost unflyable A320 at release. I guess complexity played a major role there. Regarding why they chose the A320 over the 737? That's a global trend. The A320 is the more modern aircraft overall. From concept to functionality. Its market share continously rises.
  8. If there is a height attribute on OSM they also have the correct height. But that is rare and only with skyscapers mostly. If something goes wrong you might even end up with weir anomalies, like that huge tower somewhere in Australia if I remember correctly, where someone has put in the wrong number by a decimal. 🙂
  9. Same here. I appreciate the parallels to reality and use it to practise skills, while I still do things that entertain me and I wouldn't do (or can't) IRL. People who side solely with one sim are limiting themselves. Everyone has a bit of stubborness, but it would be very sad to be like that with something that shoould be fun...
  10. Probably those "I'd not be proud if my sim was named in that category"-guys? 😄 Don't worry, they can still critizise that it's a game award. 😉
  11. I saw them after the X-Mas update. North of EDDK.
  12. Everything's relative. In 2020 I married my wife, my son was born and I had plenty of time in home office to spend with him. Beside that, MSFS got released and in early 2020 I signed up at AVSIM after being a a silent reader for two decades or so. 😄 So, happy new year to all of you guys, which I had fun talking, arguing or fighting over the past year! 👍
  13. I noticed the FBW won't start unless you have the fuel pumps turned on. On the ToLiss and Flight Factor you can start the engines with fuel pumps off. Which one is correct? I heard someone state, that due to the engines mounted below the wings, there usually always is fuel flow (due to gravity).
  14. Q1 is just around the corner, so no problem for me. More time for anticipation. 😄
  15. I mean... the default Airbus already draws quite a lot of gauges. And there I get steady 30fps on HIGH / MEDIUM on a i7 7700K and a RX480 8GB with 16GB Ram. So that seems acceptable to me.
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