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  1. Interesting that you mention engines - or the lack of them. Now I suppose you agree that a lot of aircraft use engines as their primary source of thrust. So, they are parts of those aircraft. Do you still think that creating a plane in a flightsim is harder than designing an engine? And this is just a small part of the full task of designing an aircraft. Beside the (economic) aerodynamic modelling, mechanical engineering, software enginering... all for multiple parts and systems. Then you gotta consider that all this has to meet strict regulations as human lifes depend on it. Before you refer to the Boeing incident and outsourcing policies - you know very well that aviation is still a very safe industry. So there must be some very intelligent people, meeting all those criteria. On the other hand - with all due respect for addon devs - I'd not step into an aircraft that has the same QA as a regular flight sim addon. I'm confident an ambitious high school student could create a pretty decent flightsim aircraft, given enough time and effort. I'd still not fly with one of his self made planes. There is a reason you need an academic education for certain things. I know I shouldn't argue with you, as you will take a quote and reference it with something totally out of context, but I need a little distraction from my work right now. 😉
  2. Yeah, it would have been a nice sign if they attended. Do we need it? No. Maybe not even so bad. So the smaller projects have more space presenting themselves and their goals.
  3. Me too. I enjoy it. But if MSFS2020 offers something interesting new, I will certainly have a look at it. P3D still has a more vital addon market than X-Plane, despite being technically inferior. So I am not scared about lack of addons for MSFS2020. Those P3D devs will certainly jump ship for the new great market sooner or later. I suspect MSFS2020 to also have a modern addon market, which is also attractive to devs. Even if they cut a part of your earnings, the benefits of a well structured market (advertisment, being present in ones mind) will still outweigh. For how much the community will be involved remains to be seen.
  4. It's a gentlemen after all. 🙂
  5. I don't. This is a community project and X-Plane has a devoted community that can even be a little bitchy if you dare to critizise their lovechild. 😄 Sure, if they want to make money and see an opportunity. They certainly got the talent needed to be successfull. After all MS will most likely offer a much bigger market share as well. So never say never. Oh boy. I just don't get it how you can make such statements and instead of trying to fly under the radar go on reciting some loosely attached articles (that could be found for anything) to proof your point. He could be trolling. But it would be sad to invest so much valuable time in raising some eyebrowes and causing laughter...
  6. To say that creating an addon aircraft is harder (in terms of intellectually demanding) than creating an actual aircraft is just amazing. Wow.
  7. Too expensive. Hire the Zibo team for the expense of a lunch... Joke aside. It's really awesome what Zibo did for free.
  8. I expect crafting of an aircraft in a flight sim to be at least as sophisticated as the development of an airliner. Boeing and Airbus are jealous about the engineering software and know-how of flightsim addon devs. 😉
  9. Sure, like did you know that the Airbus A320 was actually designed by a team consisting of only 5 people. 3 of them were doing some fancy 3D model on 3ds Max and the other two took care that it feels and behaves like a real aircraft should. They were really lucky to find a documentation of a FBW system someone lost. So they reworked it and plugged it in. Took them 2 years of development, but then it changed the aviation market forever. Similar with the 737Max, only that QA wasn't that successfull. But who could've known - it's easier than creating a flightsim addon after all. 😉
  10. I think MS could do it without a doubt. But I think they rather put their resources into developing the core tech and let 3rd party devs do the rest. This is a win-win for everyone.
  11. That's basically what I meant, yeah. I worded it poorly with "autogen". It was refering to everything that the sim generates out of the visual data. So fields with a bad resolution don't really matter, as they are rendered with a visually appealing in-game representation of a fitting field.
  12. What I realized is, that MSFS2020 doesn't really rely so much on Bing. The core is more about the AI placing the fitting autogen in position. That's why most of the time, the sim looks better than the Bing Imagery in those comparison shots. Only real downside related to Bing is the bad mesh resolution and the lack of photogrammetry coverage compared to Google.
  13. That was just a guess. I don't know what logic he actually implemented and to what extent. I just found those automated ATC systems not useful to me in general. I prefer either to talk with real people or just simulate the ATC in my mind. 😄 That may differ from person to person tho. You should wait for mSparks answer on this or from someone who actually used it. I just read through the discription, but it was not really conclusive to me.
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