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  1. I think its best to go LOWI LEBB and LIEO
  2. Hi All, I'm getting three ORBX airports, defo LOWI, yet the other two are undecided. I was wondering whether you had any recommendations? I deciding between Olbia, Bilbao or Dubrovnik. Olbia best suits the routes that I wish to fly, but LEBB seems like the best scenery. As for LDDU, I'm not sure, it seems like a fun approach. Any thoughts? What about Pula? Or is is best just to go with 2? Thanks, Canine
  3. Cheers guys, lemme go grab my wallet......😁
  4. HI All, With the ORBX sale, I'm considering getting ORBX LOWI, however with MSFS near and the "Priority Airports" they have, that will be modeled in even higher detail, surely the money spent will just be useless as it is VERY unlikely that they would not include Innsbruck in that category. Any thoughts or other ORBX airports that you would recommend?
  5. Being a London resident I was looking at UK2000 Luton (interesting airport with quite some routes) or ORBX EGPH. I'm aware that EGPH is the better scenery however I don't really know. Any thoughts? I would get Gatwick, but should Jennasoft iron out their bugs I'll get that instead. Thanks!
  6. Hi @Rafal and @LH340fan Thanks for both your replies! I'm also considering FlyTampa EHAM which also looks good, albeit less routes for a 'bus. Anyway, thanks so much for your insight, it's really helpful! Canine
  7. Cheers for all you answers @Chock, Taxi2Gate looks very interesting but I've heard that the dev's aren't around anymore. Is it worth going with FT's EHAM instead?
  8. Hi All, I'm looking at getting a new airport for P3D in Europe. I mostly fly the FSLabs, and have the following Aerosoft Heathrow, Frankfurt and Zurich ORBX Innsbruck and Arlanda MKStudios Fuerteventura and Dublin. Any recommendation would be nice, ideally with a lot of FSLabs routes and decent support Thanks!
  9. Hello All, I'm interested in buying Taxi2Gate LFPG, it looks like a nice scenery however I was wondering whether they are still around? I've heard a rumour that they are not replying to support questions etc. I was wondering, could anyone describe their experience with them and the quality of the scenery. Oh, and I've got ORBX ESSA, LOWI, Aerosoft EGLL, LSZH and EDDF, as well as MKStudios Dublin, so if you've got any airport recommendations I'd love to hear them! I mostly fly the FSLabs... Cheers for your help, Canine
  10. Hello, I recently moved from FSX to P3D over the Christmas break ad I can only day it was well worth it. Timing it right with bargains, £400 got me REX SkyForce, ORBX ESSA, LOWI and Global, the FSLabs a320, Aerosoft Zurich, Frankfurt and Heathrow and GSX. One of the reasons I switched was how many companies have a "one code" policy. FSLabs and Aerosoft both have this and only required a small amount of money to switch sims. If you're interested in the new MSFS, this could help with addons, albeit setting you back £400 :-). Honestly, all FSX freeware airports work with P3D on my rig. Lastly, I have an RTX2060 and my processor runs at 3.7Ghz, and I get 30fps on 4k textures in the FSL at Aerosoft Heathrow on a rainy day, if that sets a bar. Hope this helps, Canine
  11. Thanks Guys, gonna pick it up today. Its also nice because MKStudios have stated their intention to develop and port to the new MSFS, and I'll get the NG3 then! EDIT: I'm thinking of getting one more scenery, is it good to go with MKStudios Dublin at a sale or FlyTampa Amsterdam at full price? Oh, and it's worth noting that the only plane I have for commercial routes is the FSLabs a320.😁
  12. @Jude Bradley I picked the wrong word!
  13. Hello All! I'm thinking about getting MKStudios Dublin, it's 50% off and for the amount of routes you get it looks great. Could anyone comment on performance (I run the FSL at Heathrow at the 30fps mark), as well as Customer Service? Thanks! Is it a worthwhile investment?
  14. Hi All, Thanks for your replies, this is really helpful. I'll go and get some flight hours now! 😋
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