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  1. Yes - I am aware of the difference between True and Magnetic. When I load the above flight plan into FS-FlightControl it displays both True and magnetic bearings for each section of the course. For a lot of the course the bearings are the same except, importantly, for the final FD26 to RW26. It shows True of 261 and Magnetic 260. Looking at the UNS-1 and comparing it to FS-FlightControl it always uses the Magnetic bearing. As a baseline. I set up the same flight plan, from scratch, from VEBN to VNNG on a FSLabs A320. The approach was the same - VOR26Z - to fly through FD26 to RW26. This set up a bearing of 261 to the runway as shown on the Navigraph chart. I am certainly no expert but it would appear it is using True north and not affected by the underlying database in P3D. So it seems to me that the odd-one out is the FMS. As I have not noticed this anomaly on any other flight plan I am reluctant to apply the update you suggest. Perhaps there could be a setting to get the FMS to use True or Magnetic North as required? Any thoughts? Allan
  2. Navigraph charts show that RW26 is at 261 degrees. On approach via SIKTA, CD26 and FD26 the UNS-1 sets up a heading of 260 degrees. As a result the aircraft is not lined up with the runway and is to the left of the runway. Navigraph charts are at AIRAC 2108 and the update has been applied to <P35> Flysimware Navdata. P3D is V5.2 HF1. Any idea where the issue lies?
  3. I am having fun playing with this! Is there any documentation on the CRS button? When I press on or try to rotate it I cannot see any change on any of the displays. Allan
  4. Thanks for all the replies. I believe I have carried out these steps but still see "NAV DATABASE EXPIRED" "09-SEP-21" in yellow while my date is shown as 21-AUG-21. Allan
  5. Thanks for the quick response. Q2 above: I have searched the manual and can find no reference to this. Can you please explain what info is to be added to the navdata folder. I find various references in this forum to FMS versions and updates. How do I find the version I have? Where do I find updates? Allan
  6. I have worked out answers to my Q4. Also, I note in the Flysimware\Navdata the cycle_info.txt shows: AIRAC cycle : 2108 Version : 1 Valid (from/to): 12/AUG/2021 - 09/SEP/2021 So not sure why the expired message - any suggestions? Allan
  7. I have just purchased and installed this FMS on P3Dv5.2 HF1. A couple of questions: Q1: The FMS startup screen shows FMC VER 001.P3. Is this the latest? - if not where can I get the latest version? Q2: The system also shows "NAV DATABASE EXPIRED" "09-SEP-21". I have a NAVIGRAPH subscription and have added "Flysimware Learjet 35A" to the update list and it is at "2108 rev 1". How do I update this AIRAC? Q3: The help file I have is V1.7 - is this the latest? Q4: Are there any instructions to load a Simbrief or other flight plan into the FMS? Q5: Is there a list of control codes or local variables that can be used to program Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo units? Thanks in advance for any help. Allan
  8. I decided on FS-FlightControl - does what I want and more than I knew I wanted (but now I do).
  9. AllanK


    Ahhhhh - excellent - thank you. Allan
  10. AllanK


    Thanks for taking the time to reply. Yes - I have read that manual, however it does not specify where to put commands such as "G1000_MFD_SOFTKEY6". Searches I have done on the forum have not shown up any information. Can you please let me know where these settings are configured. Allan
  11. Thanks for the tip - I have found the switch. This is the first plane I have used to have the switch there. Other planes i have used have both NAV1 and NAV2 together.
  12. I am unable to extend the spoilers via kebyoard or Thrustmaster. In P3D the keyboard "/" is specified. I have also tried to set up one of the buttons on my Thrustmaster. So far nothing works. The switch to the right of the throttles does work but it is very hard to use a mouse to turn it on when coming in to land. Any suggestions? Allan
  13. NAV 2 always seems to be active. The frequencies I install always go into NAV 2. How can I switch to put frequencies into NAV 1 and then use NAV1? Allan
  14. Thanks for the suggestions - I have some research to do.
  15. Is there any add-on software that can transport a plane to some waypoint in the air - the aim is to practice landings without actually flying there. Allan
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