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  1. As well as P3Dv5 & v6 I also use X-plane 11 & 12. So, your comment "MD and DREF are XPlane assets, they don't officially exist yet" implies they may at some time in the future. I won't hold my breath though. Ah well - thanks for your responses. My search goes on...
  2. Thanks for your reply. 0·1·2·1·(B:FUEL_Selector_1)·(L:KA_TANKSEL_IDX)·4·iseq·(>B:FUEL_Selector_1_Set)·(>L:KA_TANKSEL_IDX) This brings me to my first question – what is event B:? And while on the topic I see other possible events are H:, IE; CMD:. – what are they or where are they documented. I have already worked out L:, K: and S:. The “iseq” operator advances a variable through a range of values – this is no use for the aircraft I am setting up – an FSLABS plane on P3Dv5. FSLABS make a lot of use of ROTOR_BRAKE so I cannot look for or change the value in a variable – I have to count the number of times the particular command has been issued. To move the Nav&Logo light switch up I issue the event 72489 (>K:ROTOR_BRAKE) while to move it down the event 72488 (>K:ROTOR_BRAKE). I guess I will investigate VBScript unless there is another suggestion. Another question on the SliderGauge. After I add a number of images and Submit, I cannot see the assigned images. Is there any way of seeing them to check if they are valid?
  3. I am looking for help setting up a StreamDeck Mobile device. My issue is with controls that have more than 2 positions. I can use the 2 position control without a problem. Take the following scenario: A switch has 3 positions – down, middle and up. I want the StreamDeck Mobile to show the switch in the 3 different positions. So the logic goes something like this: If local variable POSITION does not exist Create the local variable POSITION and set it to 0 Display SWITCH_POSTION_MIDDLE.png in StreamDeck Mobile row 2 column 5 Endif If short press If POSITION < 1 Add 1 to POSITION If POSITION = 0 Display SWITCH_POSTION_MIDDLE.png in StreamDeck Mobile row 2 column 5 Else Display SWITCH_POSTION_TOP.png in StreamDeck Mobile row 2 column 5 Endif Endif Endif If long press If POSITION > -1 Subtract 1 from POSITION If POSITION = 0 Display SWITCH_POSTION_MIDDLE.png in StreamDeck Mobile row 2 column 5 Else Display SWITCH_POSTION_BOTTOM.png in StreamDeck Mobile row 2 column 5 Endif Endif Endif I bought Axis and Ohs so I could use the StreamDeck Mobile. I also use SPAD.NEXT and the above logic can quickly and easily be done – however SPAD does not support the StreamDeck Mobile. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If there are suggestions, please use Vbscript
  4. I am using Axis and Ohs with the StreamDeck plugin. I can use it successfully with a 2 position switch. Is there a technique for a switch with more than 2 positions - sav with local variable values of 1,2,3? if so can you please provide an example. Allan
  5. Randy Thanks - I now have EZCA working in P3Dv6. Given ChasePlane have pulled out of P3D support - I think I will move my P3Dv5 to EZCA as well. You help is much appreciated. Allan
  6. Randy It looks pretty clearcut installing EZCA in P3DV6. I have now purchased the product. One question, what is the reason for booting in Safe Mode? I do have P3Dv5.4 installed but I don’t need EZCA installed there as I use ChasePlane for that sim. I still want to run both v5 and v6. So, after the installation to v6, is it just a matter or playing with the symbolic links & renaming folders – ie removing them when I want to use v5 and putting them back when I want to use v6. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Allan
  7. Richard - all good now. I followed your procedure and now have all my PMDG aircraft installed. Thanks.
  8. Richard - can you please provide a link to this.
  9. I have not yet attempted the registry hack - so on standard P3DV6 installation: I have successfully installed and loaded but not yet flown: QW787 (night - also started engines), EMB505 Phenom 300 HD series; Carenado S550 Citation II; QW Ultimate 146 Collection. SPAD.NEXT sees the loaded aircraft and "SimConnect Configure - Test Connection" within SPAD reports a valid connection. These aircraft only wanted to repair/remove the last installation - ie P3Dv5 so I did not proceed: A2A C-17A; PMDG 737NGXu and Vitaravia Globemaster C-17A. Note: SPAD requires an update to install the P3Dv6 connect component - I am told it is expected this weekend. Not sure if it has been mentioned, but the panel popouts (white button) on the QW787 work even in daylight.
  10. So are you saying it does not work with the current patch but it does work with If so, is available? I am interested in buying it (ChasePlane user 😞) but I cannot see a way of asking the developer. Any suggestions appreciated.
  11. Not talking about Orbx but aircraft such as PMDG 737. If I have both V5.4 and V6 installed on the same computer - and each time change the registry to the correct version to suit P3D version that I want to run - will this work or is it more complicated than that?
  12. I was going through the Fault Diagnosis process and found the following when I got to the step "You may need to remove a block on logging in FSUIPCx.ini" There was an error message about LogOptionProtect - looking in the FSUIPC6.INI file the option was already set to "NO". At that stage I clicked on "SYNC TO SIM" and the green "Everything is OK" came up and the Joysticks panel started to respond to key presses on the Controllers. Should I do this whenever I have this issue? Allan
  13. Some more information. When the error occurs, the Joysticks menu panel does not automatically jump to the associated joystick configuration screen. I have now tried the following: I moved the current FSUIPC folder and then reloaded a good backup copy into the Prepar3D v5 Add-ons folder. I copied all the files from the moved LINDA and LINDA-CFG folders except for the aircraft I was working on - Quality Wings 787. Now Linda no longer shows an error. As I mentioned above I think it happens if I manually shutdown Linda while P3D is running. Does this give any clue as to the problem or the resolution?
  14. Yes - I see the error on the Summary page. The Setup VRA Panels have no ticks in MCP Enabled, CDU2 Enabled or an entry in CDU COM Port. Controllers I have are Honeycomb Alpha & Bravo; Thrustmaster engines 1&2, 3&4 as well as the left and right add-ons and 2 Thrustmaster Cougars. I think the issue comes up is I accidently shutdown Linda without letting P3D shut it down. Allan
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