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  1. Thanks for the prompt replies. So when I see "ILS/DME 109.9" on the airport chart - how can I know if DME is provided or only ILS?
  2. I am a relative newby to FSX. When using the radio stack to land one of the Microsoft FSX planes at Sydney Kingsford Smith airport, there is no distance or speed shown on the DME panel. For example, if I am landing on runway 07 - the ILS/DME frequency is shown as 109.9 for the airfield. I enter this in NAV1 and make it active. When I approach the runway, the NAV button lines the aircraft up with the runway. At no stage does are speed or distance shown in the display. In desperation I have tried various combinations of buttons pressed of NAV1 and DME with no display. I have also tried various Microsoft propeller aircraft. As an aside, the OFF button in the DME display cannot be moved - I guess it is permanently on - like wise the knob does not turn. I have seen a UTUBE video where it does work. Any suggestions as to how this can be made to work?
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