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  1. I just had this for some reason on opening the program. I am using the same PC I've had since the beginning. I can't speculate why I got that message as I didn't change anything, but I was able to click in the same box "Deactivate" and then reactivate in the same box and it worked. If I uninstall and reinstall and get this message, this has worked each time. Does it not work if it is still activated on a different PC?
  2. PMDG works fine for me. Even the AI pilot can change the frequency. It's not a problem at all with P2A or PMDG. Can't speak for Fenix, however. I would suggest asking on the PMDG forums or the official MSFS2020 forums if you're having problems with this.
  3. Hi, Dave. The one log you saw was (probably) mine. I noticed that the voices cut out when interacting with the sim, including only using the mouse look. If you click into the simulator window at all, the voices, all of them, including the ATC chatter files if installed, will stop playing and go to the next file. In the case of ATC, it will skip the rest of the command and go to the next. It seems to only do this when you CLICK anything in the simulator window. Using the mouse scroll wheel to adjust baro or altitude etc seems to have no effect.
  4. I'm using the Amazon Polly voices. I confirmed at startup that they are working as they should, but during different calls, the voices that activate (random selection) are cutting out early. For example: Controller: Southwest 3027, Climb and maint-- Me: Climb and maintain Flight Lev-- Controller: Southwest 3017, Contact -- Me: Contact Center on-- Or they stop working entirely, despite not changing to a different controller (my copilot voice will come and go as he pleases). Amazon services bugged? Too much strain on my system? Bug within MSFS2020? Combination of all, or none? Very weird. I don't get an error that the voices are unable to be used as I had previously. I can post a log if requested.
  5. My voices are loading and begin to play the first few words, then stop. If I have the copilot making radio calls, he cuts them off after those first few words, then the controller does the same and repeat until the end. I'm using Polly voices as well as default, set to random.
  6. I'm being handed off to center controllers pretty quickly on my flight KMDW >> KLAS. I have AI responding and changing radio frequencies checked in the settings, which worked for a bit, but now he will respond but not change the frequency. I have to tune the radio manually and flip them to active, and then he responds after. I'm using the PMDG 737 + MSFS2020.
  7. I get this too, but I keep getting bounced between the same few controllers.
  8. I learn something new every day. Thanks, Andy! P2A is becoming one of my favorite addons.
  9. Since this is already here, I'm not sure if it's a bug or just something I'm missing. Lately when I PTT I will have chatter coming over me when I talk which is distracting, and also the same when the controller responds to me. I didn't notice this before the last two updates. It doesn't happen often but it does happen and I can't figure out why. It never used to be like that, if I remember correctly.
  10. I'm on the latest version of P2A with the latest update of MSFS2020. I was flying the JF Piper into KPWM. On approach to the runway, I was told "Go around, traffic on the runway." Okay, cool. I did as I was told. Great immersion as it's busy there today. I did my go around in the pattern, then told to report on downwind. I did so, was told I was number 2 for landing and I was cleared to land. I got established back on final, then told "Go around, traffic on runway". Immediately after, "Cleared to land", and then again immediately, "Go around, traffic on runway". I didn't see any traffic on the runway so I ignored ATC and landed anyway. Not sure if this is a bug or not, but it seemed a bit strange that I'd be given those instructions even though there's no traffic on the runway at the time. I did notice that on my initial go around, two A320s on approach, the second about half a mile behind the other one (Too close!!) but I'm using the live traffic data, both of which were live traffic, not AI or users. I'm not sure if it's a bug, a glitch, MSFS at fault, or what's going on. I'm guessing it's still not possible for third-party apps to "talk" to AI traffic, but it can be seen? Just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this issue. Ignoring ATC was fine and I didn't get a scolding, but it didn't acknowledge that I landed and didn't hand me off to ground when I got down.
  11. It's working on a clean install of 11.50b11 on a backup drive. I don't know why. It must be conflicting with another plug in. I'll disable everything until I find the issue or worst case, just do a fresh install on a workable drive (not this external testing one). Thanks for the attempted support since there was nothing to support with except my ignorance. I love this product along with MCE voice commands when I'm not flying online!
  12. Nope. Everything is copied exactly. I even redownloaded a copy of the .lic file from my email to confirm that it was accurate. It works on 11.41 but not 11.50. I might try a clean install this weekend to see if it's conflicting somewhere else. Strange that it's not working for me. Does it matter if XPlane is installed on a different drive than when I originally installed it? That's the only thing I can think of that might be different.
  13. Hmm, I did that as well, but same error. Which it is, and it works fine in 11.41 but even with everything copied and pasted into my 11.50 install, I get this error every time. Maybe I'm an word not allowed and doing something wrong. I blame it on kids being home from school for the last 4 months 😬
  14. @FS++, any plans to make this compatible with 11.50+? I reinstalled after a while and with the betas, I get a license key invalid error, but it works fine in 11.41. I don't want to stay off Vulkan just to use this addon because my sim is so much smoother with Vulkan, but for now that's the only option I have.
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