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  1. 10 nautical miles of trees would be enough. 😉 I've had a couple of lightning after SU4 but not nearly as much as a way before when it was really intense. If it's a problem, just report it via Zendesk every day (copy-paste) and write about it at the MSFS Forums. I think there is no other way to get your messages in the right direction.
  2. You're good to go after disabling DATA -> MULTIPLAYER: OFF (or Group Only) and TRAFFIC -> GROUND AIRCRAFT DENSITY: 0 (zero, removes static aircraft, except some of the payware scenery developers such as Orbx, who refuses to remove static aircraft from their sceneries).
  3. Even though I watch the Tree LOD V1 video till the end, nothing has really changed on the trees display distance compared to my TLOD 200 at the same location. Most of the users won't accept more than TLOD 125, above that value stutters will happen more often.
  4. A wish for a Vegetation Render Distance Slider has had enough votes and is now included on the latest Top Wishes as a status of "Started". Still, keep voting and reporting to Zendesk. 🙂
  5. After several attempts trying to give feedback to REX for fixing the wrong QNH injection to the sim, it's still an issue. Avoid wasting your money on REX until they fix something that freeware Unreal Weather - Live METAR mod can do.
  6. For me, the area around KSEA was stutter after the Hotfix, but removing all the default airport sceneries as the guide tells, cures the stutter problem there. Works for me because I don't use default airports, so I prefer this initial cure. I always choose flights between freeware (or payware) add-on airport sceneries anyway. Just tested the area of LOWS and KPDK and there were no stutters. By the way, deleting all the useless default planes (Standard) via Content Manager gives 50GB of more free space! 😅 EDIT: Just installed the new Windows 10 update KB5000842 this morning and got much smoother flights around KSEA. Placebo? Who knows.
  7. There's a problem with REX Weather Force because it injects the wrong QNH always by -1 unit. I mean, if the QNH in METAR says for example 1020, REX sends it to the sim as 1019. They say it's the MSFS fault but I don't believe them, I have requested several times to fix this, but they don't seem to care. The free Unreal Weather - Live METAR sends the QNH correctly just like the METAR says but it's missing the winds aloft. Well, there's a workaround to live with it. https://www.flightsimulator.blog/2021/01/09/using-live-metar-with-live-weather/
  8. Aerosoft CRJ has landed! https://www.aerosoft.com/en/microsoft-flight-simulator/msfs-aircraft/3303/aerosoft-aircraft-crj-550/700?c=1032?sPartner=tPi3m6X
  9. I always fly Rolling Cache OFF because it affects performance a bit but still having this issue. Flying Rolling Cache ON doesn't change a thing. MSFS is flyable only after turning Online Functionality OFF. I do hope something is done for this in Sim Update 3.
  10. There's a hotfix out due to this at the blog site if still want to give it a try. https://www.flightsimulator.blog/2021/01/05/increase-trees-draw-distance/ EDIT: After comparing the latest versions of Flightsim.to (2.0) and Flightsimulator.blog (1.7.4) mods I found that Flightsim.to mod is missing increased draw distance from cactus and some shrubs. Also, if using TLOD 200 and Trees at Ultra with blog mod you might see the tree line a bit farther.
  11. Blog mod also updated 1.7.2: "Optimized, no change on visuals though." https://www.flightsimulator.blog/2021/01/02/increase-trees-draw-distance/
  12. I replicated this flight and WOW! I have default London and all those tall buildings came visible at as far as 20 nautical miles! Still so smoothly running, no stutters. Blog mod in use. Terrain LOD 125.
  13. For me Buildings set to High is very enough and as Ultra it gives a bit more distance for buildings to show up. With tree mod I don't need any buildings further than they already are due to trees everywhere blending the view beautifully. No houses could even be seen behind the trees. 🙂
  14. Not true. Trees height is not changed, that "75" means height for that invisible tree that makes all this magic about increased draw distance to happen. 🙂
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