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Aviation SImulator 747-400 ?

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I doubt it. A simulator used by the companies that fly this aircraft is a very expensive piece of hardware and you also would get to pay for the "crew" that provides supervision/ATC simulation/training. The simulators used by the USAF (different aircraft but same idea) were pretty busy and it took knowing someone on the maintenance staff to get me into one for an hour. Anyway, good luck on your quest.You might try the companies that are in the business to provide type certification and recurrency training.. it will take some googling but that's where I would start.

Dan Downs KCRP

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Well we do have these in the UK:http://www.virtualaviation.co.uk/There is a 747-400 full motion simulator that is used to train real world pilots. There are a lot of other cheaper alternatives that are based on FS with built flight decks. These however are the real deal, nothing to do with FS at all, hydraulic rams move the deck to give you the sense of movement, real FMC, and flight deck systems, as far as I am aware this is the real equipment, with simulated inputs, so the controls are as the real thing.. etc.. etc, etc.There is a 'but', these are VERY VERY VERY expensive, if you wanted 3 hours to yourself, you'd be looking at $3,600. These are professional simulations and are not for the faint hearted and at about $12 million + each you can understand why they're rented at $20 a minute.. (yes that's not a typo, it really is that much lol)..I'm looking at doing an hour in one this year sometime, it should be one amazing experience, and I'm setting aside the

Craig Read, EGLL

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>EDIT: If you decide you can take the wallet hit, check with>them about not being British before you do anything. I think>there are restrictions on who can use these things for>security reasons.As far as I know, you must be a holder of a valid EU passport in order to use the 747-400 sim. For the other aircraft, that is not the case; only the 744 sim requires this.Tim

Timothy D. Herman (midcon385)

KMDT -- Harrisburg Int'l Airport, PA


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Hi Marek!You might be interested in http://www.ebaft.com/fly/fse.htm. An alternative is to fly to Sydney to book yourself a flight on Matt's simulator at http://www.worldflight.com.au/ next November!Cheers, Richard

Cheers, Richard

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