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Reinstall issues Part 2

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Sorry for the double post, but for some reason IE7 and this forum don't play very well together. When I finally manage to log in I don;t get any page numbers at the bottom so I can't navigate to the thread. If I try and reply to the thread before I login the login process continues to fail. Anyway....Thanks for such a quick response Bryan.This is a vanilla install with the ATR the only addon. Doesn't FS2Crew require a Flight1 wrapper to install? I think I have the installer that's extracted AFTER you run the wrapper, so no license file is generated. Can you confirm that? I purchased ATR in Aug of 2006. Looking in my FS2Crew archive folder I see a "2C-ATR.lic" file. This would indicate to me that I'm missing a step somewhere. I should see the red aircraft icon for the EXE, but that does not appear for the installer. Is there any way that I can download the software with the wrapper intact? Thanks,-Matt>Hi Matt,>>A gauge cannot be loaded message means something on your>computer is conflicting with the FS2Crew gauge.>>I'd start by looking at whatever you installed *after* was>FS2Crew last loaded and it worked.>>I might also suggest ensuring that all non-necessary programs>are shut-down prior to loading FS.>>Although I can't explain why, I found that FRAPS and Adobe>Reader, if running when FS is loaded, can cause some FS2Crew>ATR FS9 gauges not to load.>>Let me know if you need further help.>>Cheers,>Bryan>

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