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Newbie questions: Panel Switcher Mapping & Verticle speed overruns

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Just picked up JS41 Voice Control this past weekend, first FS2CREW product for me. My overall reaction after setting everything up and going through a couple of flights – WOW! This really does take the sim experience to a new level!The documentation was pretty straight forward, and found searching the forum for the few issues I had netted results pretty quick. The process of learning the flows and practicing the correct commands/responses will take some time – but that challenge is certainly what makes the product great! There are 2 or 3 custom flow sheets on Avsim that folks have drafted up that are really helpful. The only two areas that I need a bit of assistance with: 1: Changes to VC views in the aircraft.cfg: The documentation gave me a heads up on changes to the panel.cfg’s – so I did a backup of the originals, however I did not see or missed the part about changes to the aircraft.cfg. I had previously modified my views and assigned certain hotkeys. The end result seems to be that the panel switcher does not map correctly to the views. 2 questions on this: a: Are the panel switcher buttons tied to the ‘hotkey’ entries in aircraft.cfg? if so..... b: Can anyone offer up their aircraft.cfg that works correctly with the panel switcher so that I can check through mine and make changes so the views map correctly to the buttons? 2) Vertical speed overrun. According to a couple of forum posts, this seems to be related to me not using the correct syntax for the voice commands. Fell into this trap when the FO did not respond to my correctly formatted voice command (voice recognition did not pick it up correctly), and then I gave the same command in a slightly different way (incorrect syntax). The FO then set vertical speed to something rather dangerous. Will head back for more voice training and make sure I stick to the correct syntax only. Question on this: When an overrun or other unexpected action is experienced, is there a way to ‘reset’ the First Officer so he stops setting vertical speed or whatever else he believes that he has been asked to do? Great product! Really enjoying it and can see moving on to the LD 767 and PMDG 747/MD11 versions after getting the hand of things on the Jetstream! Cheers - Jim Edit: Just caught the typo in the subject: verticle should be vertical (is there no way to edit a subject?)

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Hi Jim, Glad you like it! Do help spread the word. Panel switcher: Contact me via the Contact page on the FS2Crew website and I'll send you my aircraft.cfg. It references camera view entries on the aircraft.cfg. Vertical Speed: Just make sure you're using the correct syntax, especially with the way you say numbers. Cheers,

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