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Nvidia Inspector Question

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Prior to purchasing my new Boeing 737NGX, I had never heard of Nvidia Inspector. However, after downloading it, and spending some time figuring out how to use it, I quickly learned this program alone was worth the price of the 737NGX. My graphic displays throughout FSX have just improved so much, it is hard for me to describe the improvement! My question. I have a Nvidia GTX280 card, currently with driver version I am basicly afraid to update the driver as I am afraid to mess up my Nvidia Inspector settings. I have been under the impression that Nvidia was going to come out with new drivers that were specifically tuned for FSX, and the Inspector program would not be required. Is this true? If I install a new driver, do I have to redo the Inspector program to set my graphics up again? Although I do not view FSX as a game, it is the only "game" I use. Any advise regarding my questions or comments are appreciated. Mike Nicholson

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Hiya Mike, don't be afraid of trying a new driver, you won't mess things up. You will however have to set up inspector again. For what it's worth, I have a folder on my desktop which is full of screenies of the inspector control panel, each one showing different settings. So may I suggest, you simply make a note of your current settings or take a screenshot so you will be able to revert back to the original settings should you want to return to the older driver. IMO not all newer drivers are necessarily better than older drivers, in fact many guys revert back to using older drivers because they may find them preferable for what ever reason.

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Keep in mind you load a new driver you will have to redo your settings in inspector.

Rich Sennett


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Wilco. I had just copied the settings from the PMDG 737NGX Forum. I think it was a suggested set compiled by Ryan. Have you heard if there is anything to Nvidia setting their driver up for FSX? Appreciate the help. Mike N.

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