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Just some liveries from my personal collection

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  • Air China B-5037
  • Eastar Jet HL7781
  • China Southwest Airlines B-2156
  • MALEV Hungarian Airlines HA-LOG
  • Austrian Airlines OE-LNM


  • Hebei Airlines B-5215
  • Xiamen Airlines B-5218
  • Hebei Airlines B-2998
  • Eastar Jet HL8204
  • Eastar Jet HL8215
  • China Eastern Airlines B-2683
  • China Southern Airlines B-5222
  • People Liberty Army Air Force B-4026
  • MALEV Hungarian Airlines HA-LOL
  • China Yunnan Airlines B-2640
  • Kunming Airlines B-2679
  • Shenzhen Airlines B-2633 old color
  • Shenzhen Airlines B-2668
  • Shenzhen Airlines B-2669 "Xishuangbanna"
  • Lucky Air B-5060 old color
  • China Xinjiang Airlines B-2162
  • Shenzhen Airlines B-2635
  • Shanghai airlines B-2663
  • Lucky Air B-5092
  • China United airlines B-2997
  • Air China special livery B-5211


  • Xiamen Airlines B-5277 Winglets
  • China Eastern Airlines B-5270 Winglets
  • China Eastern Airlines Expo 2010 B-5265 Winglets
  • China Eastern Yunnan Airlines B-5095 Winglets
  • China Eastern Yunnan Airlines B-5259 Winglets
  • China Southern Airlines B-5275 Winglets
  • Air Pacific DQ-FJF Winglets
  • Boeing House Livery N732XE Winglets
  • United States Air Force 54613 Winglets
  • Korean Airlines HL8222 Winglets
  • Shanghai Airlines B-5261 Winglets
  • Air China B-5202 "Beijing 2008 special livery" Winglets
  • Air China B-5229 Winglets
  • All Nippon Airways JA07AN Winglets
  • All Nippon Airways JA02AN Winglets
  • Shandong Airlines B-5206 Winglets
  • Lucky Air B-5268 Winglets
  • All Nippon Airways BusinessJet JA10AN Winglets
  • Austrian Airlines OE-LNN Winglets


  • China Eastern Airlines B-2665
  • China Southern Airlines B-5192
  • MALEV Hungarian Airlines "Oneworld" HA-LOU
  • MALEV Hungarian Airlines HA-LOH
  • Shenzhen Airlines B-5050 old color
  • Skymark Airlines JA737K
  • Shenzhen Airlines B-5075
  • Jin Air HL7564
  • China Southwest Airlines B-2690
  • Hainan Airlines B-2675 old color
  • Air China B-5329
  • Jeju Air HL8239
  • Air China special livery B-5177
  • Air China special livery B-5176
  • Air China special livery B-2642 "The 7th China Flower Expo"
  • Hainan Airlines B-2646
  • China Airlines B-18616
  • Shanghai airlines B-5145


  • China Southern Airlines B-5596 Winglets
  • Garuda Indonesia PK-GFG Winglets
  • Garuda Indonesia PK-GFN Brand logo 1969-1985 Winglets
  • Garuda Indonesia PK-GFO Winglets
  • =Garuda Indonesia PK-GFM Brand logo 1961-1969 Winglets
  • Taimyr Air Company VQ-BDP Winglets
  • Hainan Airlines red-grey B-5439 Winglets
  • Eastar Jet HL8264 Winglets
  • China Eastern Airlines special livery B-5475 "Enshi" Winglets
  • China Eastern Airlines B-5100 Winglets
  • China Eastern Yunnan Airlines B-5647 Winglets
  • Skymark Airlines JA73NE Winglets
  • Air Pacific DQ-FJH Winglets
  • People Liberty Army Air Force B-4080 Winglets
  • Boeing House Livery N737NG Winglets
  • MIAT Mongolian Airlines EI-CSG Winglets
  • All Nippon Airways JA58AN Winglets
  • Korean Airlines HL7786 Winglets
  • Shenzhen Airlines B-5615 Winglets
  • Jin Air HL7798 Winglets
  • Shenzhen Airlines B-5606 "Universiade Shenzhen 211" Winglets
  • Xiamen Airlines B-5303 Winglets
  • Air China special livery B-5422 "Phonix" Winglets
  • Shanghai Airlines B-5185 Winglets
  • Malaysia Airlines 9M-MLA old color Winglets
  • Japan Airlines JA301J old color Winglets
  • JAL Express JA330J old color Winglets
  • Hainan Airlines B-2677 old color Winglets
  • China United Airlines B-5353 Winglets
  • All Nippon Airways JA55AN Winglets
  • Air China B-5392 Winglets
  • Solaseed Air JA801X Winglets
  • Okay Airways B-5562 Winglets
  • Okay Airways B-5367 Winglets
  • Korean Airlines HL7560 Skyteam Winglets
  • JAL Express JA337J "Let's Do Our Best, Japan!" Winglets
  • JAL Express JA338J Winglets
  • Jeju Air HL8234 Winglets
  • All Nippon Airways JA51AN Star Alliance Winglets
  • Air China special livery B-5390 Winglets
  • Air China special livery B-5198 Winglets
  • HongKong Express B-KBR Winglets
  • HongKong Express B-KBM Winglets
  • Hainan Airlines B-5439 Winglets
  • Shandong Airlines B-5352 "The 11th National Games of PRC" Winglets
  • China United Airlines B-5399 Winglets
  • Shandong Airlines B-5590 "Yasha" Winglets
  • Shandong Airlines B-5560 Winglets
  • Shandong Airlines B-5351 Winglets
  • China Airlines B-18615 Winglets
  • Malaysia Airlines 9M-MXB Winglets
  • Austrian Airlines OE-LNP Winglets
  • Austrian Airlines Star Alliance OE-LNT Winglets


  • Shenzhen Airlines B-5105 old color
  • Korean Airlines HL7726"Starcracft"
  • Korean Airlines HL7724
  • Shenzhen Airlines B-5102

Link to heaven:http://www.mediafire.../?52tokcpp70g9u




Just some NGX liveries. You can't find these anywere else, not in the AVsim library, or the PMDG's official site.


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holy dragon! that's a serious portfolio! hats off ^_^



Youtube Vidz

!My website will be back soon with new paints and videos!



"I love walking in the rain cause no one can see my crying"

"Those who enter the field for the sole purpose of impressing others with their aeronautical knowledge can never be true aviators."

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wow that is world's largest fleet of Chinese airline planes on FSX or FS2004!!!


Is it POSKY?




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Very nice work!!

Thanks for sharing.



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