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  1. Ricardo,O freio se encontra nos padais...o esquerdo aciona o freio esquerdo igualmente o pedal direito aciona o freio do lado direito. O pedal tb aciona o leme...sendo que as duas acoes sao diferentes, pois a parte de cima eh que pertence ao freio.abraco,Jay
  2. Interesting name for this particular post, one that includes a ERJ-170. Botelho is the CEO of Embraer....
  3. Early morning start-up. I had just put my nephew on board, he was on his way up to NY.Lots of smoke from both engines!First ever real shot posted!http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/111717.jpgEdited due to file size.
  4. It seems to be up and down. Maybe it's just traffic.
  5. Yea, I tried a couple of times today with no luck. URL could not be retrieved after a very long wait.Who knows, maybe some changes are being made.
  6. Interestingly enough, the first flight of the 727 was on 9 Feb, 1963. Six years later on the same day the 747 took to the air for the first time. So, if you are a Boeing fan, pun intended, today is a good day to celebrate your birthday. Since I was born on 25 Dec, I married a gal that was born on 9 Feb 63! I just call her 72! LOL!Happy Birthday to all that were born on this date.Regards,Jay
  7. Francois,Take a look at this site http://gc.kls2.com/It will give you the distance between most any airport.Regards,Jay
  8. I'll fly some around KPAE until I get her all checked out. Then I'll take the RG livery home, KPAE-SBEG-SBGR.Should be fun...looking forward to it with great anticipation.Jay
  9. should have known that you would pick up on that one pretty quick.I thought that the Bonanza Pondarosa bit was a sufficient clue! LOLNot everyone that understands my humor....:-doh
  10. Sorry Gary...I should have added a sarcasm prefix to my post, for that is how it was intended.Regards,Jay
  11. So...now that we have a new 767 in the works from Project Opensky, will we have a merge with the Level-D release? Just thought that I would touch, once again on the Bonanza topic...or was that Pondarosa?
  12. I've read this thing top to bottom oh, once every six months or so...jeez it gets better with each reading. Maybe we should revisit the Bonanza episodes and see if Little Joe had a friend called Ferd!!! Who knows, maybe he is a Ponderosa extra or something.At any rate, I just wanted to add my name to this historic thread, you know be a part of history!Wonder how long it will take so that this puppy will take up a page or more...My contribution: the answer!MICHAEL LANDON plays the youths of sons from a lot cartwright. Icona in the planning of family, as perpetrator, a producer, director and a producer, the heritage michael that Landon of work of is moments of television that they had touched upon ekatommy'rjsses hearts of skopey'trwn files.Jay
  13. Last week I was in STR (EDDS) and we were scheduled to take off on rwy 25, however a light shower at that end of the rwy prevented us from taking off (Delta B763ER) due to an obstacle, aircraft weight, and performance on a wet runway. Thus we had to taxi to rwy 7 and await a clearing in the traffic due to taking off against all other traffic. In other words just a little rain can have a big impact. Heavy rain can and often has a major impact on all aviation.The above was not simulated by the way.Regards,Jay
  14. Without trying to be controversial :). In 1890 Alberto Santos Dumont circled the Eiffel tower in controlled and sustained flight. OK, in a dirigible, which he invented. Yes...a lighter than air craft...again I'm not trying to be controversial, just wanted to add a little info to the thread.Regards,Jay
  15. I started yesterday with format C:, then again this AM I did another format and reinstalled the OS, that is when I found out that anything that requireds Direct3D will not work. dxdiag displays Direct3D as disabled.I'll keep trying.
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