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Unable to load aircraft up and maintain a 2D Cockpit view

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Hi there,


After setting 2D as the default cockpit view in FSX settings/display, I go into freeflight and load any FSX aircraft, the view initially loads up for a second or two into 2D cockpit view and then automatically changes to a 3D cockpit view.


I've only just noticed this because I only ever load up a flight with the PMDG 737NGX addon; which is of course primarily designed for 3D cockpit flying. The only culprit I can think of that might be causing this anomaly is the EZdok Camera Addon. I am reluctant to uninstall this because it is vital for getting around the PMDG 3D cockpit. It can be temporalily disabled once FSX is up and running but by then it's too late the horse has bolted as they say.


I don't particularly want to fly in a 2D cockpit view, but it is one of the steps the FS2Crew for PMDG 737NGX developers are advising to resolve an installation problem that I and many others are expierincing, namely the 'SDK not initialised' message that greets you when you start up FS2Crew.


BTW I do read all manuals avidly on any software installation to make sure I am doing things the right way, but there are times when things are not happening as the book says. That's life so any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Should be a problem anyway.


As long as the 2D loads first you should be okay, even if it automatically switches to the VC after a couple seconds due to Ezdok.


You can still fly from the VC.


I'm not sure where people are getting the idea from that you can only fly from the 2D cockpit.


Also, some people can load the VC directly and not get the SDK error.


It seems to be user specific, but to be safe I just advice people to load the 2D first.

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Another quick workaround if you are a part of those users that "DO" get the SDK erroor:

  1. Load the AC straight from the 3D VC.
  2. Start FS2Crew and let it tell you about the SDK error.
  3. Go to "Select Aircraft" and reload the aircraft.

Once the AC reloads and you re-click the hotspot to start FS2Crew you will be SDK error free.





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Thanks Everyone


I too have discovered a work around to get FS2 Crew to work free of the SDK error. This assumes FSX has been 2D panel selected by default. If EZdok camera is installed just leave it alone. Then:


1. Select any FSX default aircraft. I use the trike plane.


2. Choose your intended departure airfield and parking area.


3. Load up flight. Ignore the change from 2D to 3D. (This the part that bugged me!)


4. Select you PMDG 737 NGX aircraft.


5. Wait for aircraft to initialise.


6. Activate FS2 Crew and you should be presented with Version 1.3 in the display screen.


Thanks for all your help. Truely appreciated.

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