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Course change methods, take the short route!

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Still enjoying the voiced FO, but I saw him having trouble setting a new course. Not that he misses anything, but he walks the extra mile, so to speak.


Example. You are flying course 348 and want to change to 028 after the VOR. Well, you would turn the knob to the right I guess and make those 40 degrees in no time. But my FO turns it the other way around (320 degrees), which, depending on the methods he uses when interacting with the plane, can take very long. :Cuppa: :P


So is there a way to establish some smartness when it comes to those changes? Note. This may also affect the heading changes, but I haven't tested those much.



To test, use the numbers from the example if you like. Seems like the 360 spot is the problem. Use 359 and then 001. He will perform a full left turn. :o It works fine the other way around though.

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'It works OK with heading, FO taking the short way.


Will need to extend that to the VOR course. '



The FS++ team





Update...... FS++ Team, now looking into whether this can be fixed sooner rather than later :o


Standby :P


Another Update.........


FS++ Team have found a 'bug' in the code that controls this function. The 'fix' for this will be released in the next update.




Well Done to CoolP for finding this.




'We need more people to report these kind of things, because right now there are so many aircraft we support that honestly we don't have the man power to test every single button under every single aircraft every time some change is introduced.


Users who fly a lot, are more likely to spot these.'




So, if anyone thinks they have found something whilst flying, please report it here on the forum . I will start a 'pinned' thread to allows us to tracks the 'this doesn't seem quiet right problem'. Please note this will be for problems (aka like the one CoolP found here and in another thread NDB issues) and not user issues :rolleyes:



Thanks All

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You, Will and the FS++ team are doing an outstanding job on supporting the product. :good:


Thanks for the feedback. And I guess the FS++ text is spot on, with all those planes being supported right out of the box, it's hard to check each and every command. If I run into some more things, I won't hesitate to post them.

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