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Mike Madin

woai/ttools problems(again)

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Good day All,


Apologies for starting this topic again.


Circumstances forced a reload of fs9 andI i put it back in the MS default. I then needed to add some more AI and reload and divert the WOAI aircraft for aerosofts VHHX.


First--- WOAI installer couldnt find fs9 but it did find fsx. When I eventually tried manual extraction I got big red letters telling me that there had been an "unhandled exception etc" and that jitDebugging must be enabled in the application or computor config file.


Second--- I tried TTools with the fs9 traffic030528 bgl file. It decompiled with no problem but got halfway through compiling them again and came up with a red message telling me that it had been unable to delete the old traffic file and "was C:\programmefiles(x86\msgames\flightsimulator9\scenery\world\scenery\traffic write protected ????".


Third--- I tried TTools with fsx and asked it to decompile trafficaircraftbgl and it came up with the message ERROR unable to read from file C:\FSX\scenery\world\scenery\trafficaircraft.bgl.


I have also been into the expert side of the WOAI installer and can find no aircraft and no airports and just as I press the exit key I get the jitDebugging message again telling me to go to the systems.windows.forms section and configure jitDebugging=true.


i have checked on all the help files and have done the necessary with the debugging in internet explorer but cant find the --systems.windows.forms section.


The copy of the WOAL installer is a new one from the avsim library.


Would be very grateful for assistance on this one.



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TTools is not designed to be used with FSX traffic files. Use AIFP instead http://stuff4fs.com/newpage.asp?JS=False&Folder=AIFP.


If you are using Windows 7, which it appears that you are because of the C:\ Program Files(x86) reference, it's best to turn off UAC, at least temporarily, and do the FS9/FSX installs as Administrator.


Actually, the recommendation is to not use Program Files(x86) for FS9/FSX related files and instead place them in a directory not so tightly contolled by the OS. Some people use C:\FSX, etc. You'll end up with a lot less headaches.



Ernest Pergrem

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