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REX Essentials + OD SP1

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Indeed - but note it is a public beta, not yet a released version.



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Yes Beta - working well for me though.




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Thanks for the HU. I was looking into the pb section since they've announced it. Finally some contents!


Nice change log.

Below is a list of items inherent within this update:


- Fixed - Winds aloft data, especially southern hemisphere

- Fixed - When un-selecting the visibility smoothing it does not uncheck the wind smoothing feature

- Fixed - Prepar3D header banner not showing if user has P3D activated

- Fixed - Weather station inaccuracies in WXPLUS mode

- Fixed - Available archived weather from REX EDGE servers

- Fixed - Accurate pressure readings

- Fixed - 24-hour METAR data for current weather

- Fixed - Severe wind shifts during transitions with WXPLUS mode

- Fixed - Tropical theme in overdrive was not saving because of “type” field missing from database column

- Fixed - Added 2048 Cirrus resolution

- Fixed - White screen on WASys in regards to computer regional settings

- Removed checkLocation error message from error logs

- Expanded distance of WXPLUS weather theme mode

- Disable option button if internet is not detected on user’s machine

- Random weather now works when no internet connection is detected

- Smoothed process of transitioning clouds and visibility in WXPLUS mode

- Turned off javascripting errors on WASYS tool. However, this is still dependent on the IE version installed

- Flight plans are now saved in the users FLIGHT SIM X Document folder

- Sped up downloads of weather from data servers

- Removed the FSX green bar showing injection during WXPLUS mode loading

- Now receiving 100+ knots winds in the mid to upper levels of the atmosphere

- Changed graphic “Create a Flight Plan” to “Import or Create a Flight Plan”

- Moved the import flight plan button within the Flight Center area

- Added “Download Center” button to menu bar and removed from the Textures area

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