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is this a dx10 issue?

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Hi Guys,


Okay, need some help here to figure this out. I've been running dx10 successfully for months and loving it. But I've noticed a few aircraft vc's that don't have effective night lighting. What I mean is that the lighting does actually trigger to "on" but the instrument lighting and/or panel floods are so dim that it's not really useable. I have addon converter x and have tried with and without it but that doesn't seem to be it.


These are also older aircraft or port-overs from fs9 so that could be it too. But I see videos and pics of people having properly working night lighting on them in fsx so I'm stumped. Super frustrating because I'd love to fly these a/c at night!


Also, the lighting works in the 2d panel consistently as bright. Again, there is a tiny tiny difference in contrast for the vc, so I know something is occuring but totally dim.


I read on some forums for the pmdg b1900 and the atr that ensuring "landing lights illuminates ground" was checked on in fsx settings. For some this apparently brought the night lighting back, but was always on for me, so that wasn't it either.


The a/c are:

pmdg b1900C fsx port-over

flight1 atr 72 fsx

and Milton Shupe's dash7


I've attached a few pics from the atr but all a/c have the same issue. Is this a shader issue or something else going on?


Also, I can't figure out how to return to dx9 properly (to test). Is the only thing I need to do to uncheck the dx10 preview (or disable in fsx.cfg)?


Help : ) !




Alex M

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Just untick the box inside FSX, Alex. I can't help you with those aircraft as I don't have them, but I do have the Rick Piper Chipmunk, and those lights did not work, but in testing with Steve's DX10 Fixer - they now do work, so I think it's coming. It does fix quite a number of old FS9 scenery's and aircraft.

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The lighting in those photos does not appear to be on at all. Are you sure you have your lights turned on on the panel? There are several switches that manage the panel lighting. I don't have those aircraft either but I doubt it's a problem because they are FS9 aircraft. They should work w/o issue in DX9 and DX10 too. Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling the aircraft? Perhaps the files for the lights were not installed properly or another program overwrote the bmp's. The aircraft.cfg for each aircraft contains the lighting section. Make sure all are enabled (i.e., you don't see two slashes // in front of the line). I know in the PMDG 737 it takes several switches behind the yoke to turn on and increase the intensity of night lighting on the panel. I found this post where Milton Shupe released the updated version for FSX and there was no mention of VC lighting problems - http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/showthread.php?74295-de-Havilland-Dash-7-FSX-Port-Over-Released. If you go back to DX9, I would be especially interested if this fixed the problem. I just cannot believe DX10 would affect VC lighting.


You just need to uncheck the DX10 Preview to get back to DX9. The files that were modified for DX10 only pertain to DX10 files and will have absolutely no affect on DX9.


I deleted your photos as they exceed the forum policy for images - 1600W (yours 1950W).


Best regards,


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Hello Alex,


I do have the Dash 7 installed.


The VC behaves for me in exactly the same way in FSX Dx9 and Dx10, the night lighting doesn't work.

It briefly flashes on in the default and unrealistic pink and then goes off and remains off regardless of

any switch positions.


I think the problem is precisely because it is an Fs9 model.

Even in Fs9, the VC lighting is only a similar but white wash of light, so you're not missing much.


I never fly in the dark, I can't see the scenery or the aircraft ^_^

If you are keen to do so, I expect the experience would be just as good (or bad) using the 2D cockpit

which works well.


So I think the answer to your question is no.




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