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Ultimate Traffic FS9 problem - entire airlines missing after compiling

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I've had no issues for years after beginning to use Ultimate Traffic for FS9 - customizing it to my liking and importing aircraft, schedules, etc... so this shouldn't be a "newbie" question.


Just today, I realized that entire airlines are missing after the traffic.BGL is compiled. I checked traffic density in FS9 which is set to 100%, IFR/VFR traffic, as I normally have it set. Yet, I have entire airlines completely missing.


Any ideas?

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After you start the UT interface click on compile and check the list on the right side of the GUI to make sure no regions are unchecked. I assume the 'missing' airlines might be where you have added aircraft to a airline that was originally missing those? If you have added flight plans outside of UT and then removed the unnecessary UT airline in the above mentioned GUI you may have unknowingly unchecked a region instead of just the airline - been there done that.





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Thanks for the reply, but I don't think this is the issue.


I've confirmed that the added airlines are checked in the Compile screen, yet after they are compiled, they are not to be seen. These aren't small airlines either (American, Alaska, etc...).


Also, when I tried to Remove the imported airline from Import, it says it wasn't loaded. I'm thinking some UT database was corrupted...

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Try decompiling the Traffic.bgl with TTools, see if that gives you any clues. Or you could delete the Traffic.bgl file and compile afresh.


Possibly your anti-virus has "healed" or deleted one of the UT files ?



Peter Schluter

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A traffic.bgl file does not have to be in the FS9\scenery\world\scenery folder. I would check for a file of that same name is in another scenery folder somewhere at higher priority.


Get aifp2121.zip from the FSX Utilties Library AI Flight Planner version 2 which works in FS9 as well.

See if any models are missing or other areas. It takes a really long time to decompile. When done click files save set as and save the files into the folder you created.


It should save in the set an aircraft.txt, airport.txt, and flightplans.txt file. From the AircraftUT2_05212009.txt

list I saw F1AI733*DL *DL *00. Thinking that DL might refer to Delta in the FS9 Aircraft folder I opened up flight one ai 733 folder and then opened aircraft.cfg in notepad. I then searched for F1AI733*DL *DL *00 and it went to a flight sim section () that stated the airline was Delta.


I had renamed when I compiled the UT 2007 traffic.bgl file to TrafficUT2_05212009.bgl

and the files produced in the AIFP folder were FlightplansUT2_05212009.txt, AirportsUT2_05212009.txt, and AircraftUT2_05212009.txt


There is an easier way.


Create a test folder under the folder you installed AITM (see following) to decompile UT's traffic.bgl file into for analysis.


From http://www.molitor-home.de/FS/ get the free AITM utility first the initial version then the beta upgrade to work with FS9. See the readme for installation of TTools2 (in the FS9 utilities section)


Start AITM and click Tools, decompile flightplan(s). Browse to the traffic file created by UT, usually in FS9\scenery\world\scenery and select it. For the output browse to the output folder you created for decompiling this project. This time it did all in about a minute since no validation is done. The three files were created. However, unfortunatey I could not get the search to work but at least the decompile was faster. Your choice. I wanted to search for an airline. I also tried a search on the airport code. I could not get the search button to work. See the help file.


Regarding UT 2007 I never used it for compiling downloaded plans but the compiling feature of AITM works as does AIFP.


Now, when using AIFP it detected quite a few errors in decompiling the .bgl file but none were fatal so ignore them for now.


In UT 2007 you can use the timetable utility to generate a .pdf for an airline. Have you tried that? You can also generate an airport traffic board for a time period and airport of your choice so pick a busy time and see what airlines show up.





Sorry I can not be of more help.

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Thanks for the very helpful responses.


It's very likely that some data was corrupted within UT itself.

I do use UT to import downloaded AI traffic packages, and have always had decent success with that.


However, UT likes to compile one giant traffic.bgl file instead of separate ones that can be removed easily without affecting other flights.


For that reason, I've decided to just start from scratch and from a clean slate, re-add the latest flight plans using the aforementioned tools.

In fact, the quality of downloaded AI packages is quite good these days, so really all I need is to rename the aircraft.txt files that come with the downloaded tools, and to ensure they match the actual aircraft.cfg title names.


Late spring cleaning. :)

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The simplest plans to use are the prepackaged ones from World of AI using their installer. It includes a unique name in the traffic bgl file such as:


Traffic_000_WoA_KLM Cityhopper_Wi12.bgl


Just use their installer and point it to the .zip file. WOAI was going to go inactive but suddenly flight plan contributors got active and there is a bunch of new releases. The installer and plans are on AVSIM and flightsim. An index is selectable and sortable here:


http://www.world-of-ai.com/packages.php for latest.

http://www.world-of-ai.com/allpackages.php for all (sortable by name, etc.) and installer.


Another supplier but can take more work is the MRAI (Most Realistic AI). There is a .cfg file that works with the AI Flight Planner version 2 mentioned above. The flightplan package you unzip gives details on where to procure the repaints and models required which you install into the aircraft folder and modify the aircraft.cfg flightsim() sections adding as needed. Then you run AIFP to compile the plan. Check out one of the MRAI zip downloads for contents and docs. In AIFP you can name the traffic bgl file as you wish.

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