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  1. Sorry for the long wait for a response. For the take off problem: two things to check before take off. When you first select the aircraft, check the fuel load and calculate for only the amount you need for the flight you plan plus reserve. Back when the POSKY 330s were released I think they were modeled ( aircraft configuration file ) they were set to max fuel load and passenger / cargo. If you cut passenger / cargo to a more realistic level that will make a big difference. Try lowering that by 40 or 50 percent. By making those changes it should lower you V1 speed requirement and also lower your descent speed build up. The other thing you could add is to start you descent farther out at 1k fpm ( not very realistic I know ). Try that if you have not already and get back to us / me on what happens - go from there. Best regards,
  2. Hi Ian, I am not sure about this - to be sure - but it seems to be 80k, Which of course does not promise any AI can or could reach that altitude and fly like a SR71 at that altitude plus. What I am saying is that a number of years ago, while doing stupid things, I slewed a glider as high as it would go which was about 80k. When I switched to normal mode and with probably not dense enough air(?) it dropped out of the sky like an incoming ICBM. I suppose it depends very much on the AI model and FDE. MAIW has the U2 models available and flight plans but I've not taken the time to look at the flight plans to see at what altitude they operate at. The SR71 would certainly push that speed and altitude envelope a great deal. I don't think speed it the limiter because I used to have a UFO installed that was so fast even the external view could not keep up with it. So the limit was flight dynamics. Is the SR 71 a AI model? And if so who produced It? Ah, found it; Sim Outhouse and AVSIM. As far as the U2 was concerned, it had a ceiling of 60k. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockheed_U-2 and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lockheed_SR-71_Blackbird Also there are some great stories out there about the Blackbirds and their interaction with other aircraft and ATC. This probably didn't help very much. mostly because the FS9 AI control engine seems to behave in a kind of uncooperative way in extreme situations. Regards,
  3. mebull


    I try to talk sense to my wife, . . . . . . I get the stutters. Thanks SteveW. Regards to all,
  4. Hi again Harald, sorry it has taken so long to reply. Yes I am doing well thank you. At Avsim do a search for ' Winfried Orthmann ' in the file library. On the first page, the file is the fifth one down called "bglana31.zip" and it can be used to look into the older - non XML files. Regards,
  5. Hi Harald - It has been a while! I the file you are interested in are or were done with XML there is XML2BGL available at John Masterson's web site ( same site as where ADE is found ). http://www.scruffyduck.org/bgl2xml/4584282773 Another is: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/resources/bglxml.90/ With both of these basically all you have to do is make a copy of the BGL you are interested in and drop it on the icon in the the utility file you are using. I hope this helps. Best regards,
  6. And a very Merry Christmas to you Klaus! Regards,
  7. Sorry to see that you have waited so long for any kind of reply. Check the AFCAD file. Look at the hold short nodes and make sure they are close enough to the runway. ( but not to close, so the larger aircraft are completely clear of the runway ) I believe they should be no farther than 200 or maybe it is 250 scale feet. The reason the larger planes won't work is because the center point of the aircraft is not close enough to the hold short node to trigger the communication portion of the AI control. I use Airport Design Editor. On my version of PAEN all of the runway exits are ( from the center of the runway to the hold short node ) from 170 feet to 175 feet. One curious thing I noticed you wrote "a DC6 Everts Air taxi off the runway and stop after the hold short." If that is correctly worded something other than what I've written is probably wrong. Which airport editor are you using? If what I have suggested doesn't work you are welcome to PM me, I will send you my email address and you can then send me your copy of the airport file so that I can take a first hand look at it. Regards,
  8. You might also try making your request down in The Paint Shop forum if you have not already done so. http://www.avsim.com/forum/200-the-paint-shop-the-aircraft-painters-forum/ You may or may not have better luck there. Regards,
  9. http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=Ian+Grant&CatID=root&Go=Search Ninth file from the top of the page. Regards,
  10. I recently watched a sports news video of a hockey player (Steven Stamkos) from the Tampa Bay Lightning who was doing an interview out on the ice. Someone was buzzing a drone around the arena and Mr Stamkos got annoyed and blasted the the thing out of the air with a slap shot, the puck obliterated the drone. He looked at the camera and said I hate drones. Now I will admit I have no way of knowing if this was staged or how many attempts were made before he actually hit the drone. But it was fun to watch and is certainly a creative way to take out a drone. The video of the eagle was awesome. Welcome to AVSIM as a new moderator Vic. Regards to all,
  11. My old link was dead still. Here is the new one: http://www.pafs.wf/ Google was my friend Regards,
  12. As of 9 / 18 / 2015 it would appear that; (a) they forgot to pay their bill (b) they don't intend to pay their bill © they have abandoned their website. Temporary or permanent, who knows. Regards,
  13. Hello Hans. If you have not, please check for duplicate AFCADs. Also, if the aircraft are all disappearing at about the same spot check and make sure the hold short node(s) are spaced properly in respect to the runway. When you start a flight at KEWR do the AI that are on the ground taxi out and depart as expected? Sorry it has taken you so long to get a response. Regards,
  14. This sounds like the old seasons bug that shipped with the original FS9.0. If you have not updated to the official FS9.1, do so, that will solve your problem. When running the update pay special close attention to the instructions. I hope this is helpful. Regards,
  15. The improvement is much appreciated. Thank AVSIM! Regards,
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