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  1. Hi again Harald, sorry it has taken so long to reply. Yes I am doing well thank you. At Avsim do a search for ' Winfried Orthmann ' in the file library. On the first page, the file is the fifth one down called "bglana31.zip" and it can be used to look into the older - non XML files. Regards,
  2. Hi Harald - It has been a while! I the file you are interested in are or were done with XML there is XML2BGL available at John Masterson's web site ( same site as where ADE is found ). http://www.scruffyduck.org/bgl2xml/4584282773 Another is: http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/resources/bglxml.90/ With both of these basically all you have to do is make a copy of the BGL you are interested in and drop it on the icon in the the utility file you are using. I hope this helps. Best regards,
  3. Rest in peace Tom. I'm sorry to have never met you, but I know you were the kind of person I would have looked up to and used as a model of what my life should have been. Thank you for that. Thank you for AVSIM. I have lost a friend I never got to know and that is my sad lose - but this isn't about me, it is about a man that will be missed and remembered for what he has done for a rather unknown hobby. I swear for the rest of my life every time I see a helicopter, a janitor or a cup of coffee I will think of Tom and every time I come to AVSIM I will shed a tear for his lose of the ultimate battle. To his family I cannot put my sympathy, my empathy and my condolences to words. Good bye Tom, the friend I never knew but would have loved,
  4. Quiet Ian! If the powers that be think us age challenged folks are still having fun they are liable to start charging a fee or make us pay a tax. Old fart fun fee! I tried writing my name on the back of my hand with a magic marker once. The next mourning when I awoke I couldn't figure out why someone would sneak into my bedroom and write their name on my hand. Reminds me of some info - commercial that was running for a while. "Do you have memory loss?". Ahhhh, . . . . . I don't know and if I can't remember what I've forgot how in the world would I know I can't remember it. By the time I get around to remembering something I've usually forgotten the question. Now what were we discussing? I'll be back as soon as I reread everything, . . . . . . . . . . Seriously, I can joke about it, because it really isn't a problem for me (yet). Severe memory loss must truly be a frustrating and burdensome affliction. Thanks Peter, great utility and definitely a must have. Regards to all,
  5. Simply stunning work and screen shots! I just don't know what else to say - speechless - thank you! :Applause: Regards, Mel
  6. Welcome to AVSIM. Have you tried the scenery related forums here? http://www.fsdeveloper.com/ Regards, Mel
  7. Are you using a 'stock' texture (which ever one that might be) or one of your own? That really shouldn't make a difference. What layer number are you assigning to the polygon - texture? Second, where are you placing the VTPP in you scenery? If you are placing the VTPP and the ADE created airport in the same folder / scenery layer that is probably your problem. I have a separate scenery folder / entry for those files layered like this; [Area.041] Title=Addon Scenery Local=Addon Scenery Layer=41 Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Remote= [Area.042] Title=Airports MB Lc Local=Addon Scenery\Airports MB Lc Remote= Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=42 [Area.043] Title=Airports North America Lc Local=Addon Scenery\Airports North America Lc Remote= Active=TRUE Required=FALSE Layer=43 with my object libraries, airports, and terrain mesh to follow and all of my AFCADS in the Add On / Scenery folder. So the answer may be where you are placing the VTPP file(s). I hope this helps Jeff. Please let me know how it turns out. Regards, Mel HELP!!! I lost the sticky note that reminds me where the sticky note pad is! :Cry:
  8. Jeff, sorry for the very late return to this topic. The annotator method for your autogen is certainly a viable option with merit equal to SBuilder. Thanks for sharing that. I will file that info in the old and fuzzy memory bank. Eh, maybe I'd just better write it down somewhere and leave a note as to where I put the note and a note reminding me where that note is, so on so forth - off to buy a case of sticky pads! Glad you found a solution that works well for you. It is also a example that there is often more than one way to accomplish these things. Regards, Mel
  9. Hi Jeff, Here is a little tip / trick I use; open the airport you intend to enhance with ADE, start up FS9 - top down view. Slew to your NW most point where you want to add the new polygon, go back to ADE and start a guideline at that position and extend it in the direction of and beyond the next position. Slew to the new location in FS9, go back to ADE and rotate the guideline to intersect the aircraft position then start a new guideline extending towards and slightly beyond the next location. Once you have done this to fully enclose or lay out the new area for the polygon you will make with SBuilder. Use ADE to move the aircraft position to the intersection where you started. Open SBuilder, create your 'new' project (you can use ADE Airport properties to get you latitude and longitude) then with SBuilder - View / Show Aircraft, layout a polygon that is approximate size and shape, take the first point in SBuilder and drag it to aircraft symbol - zoom in for more accuracy. Next, back to ADE, move aircraft to the next junction in your guidelines - back to SBuilder and move the next point of the polygon as previous repeat and add new points if necessary (in the polygon mode press 'i' on the keyboard and left click on the outline of the polygon). All of that saves slewing the aircraft by hand, is more accurate and seems to help things go a bit faster in SBuilder. I hope this is of some use. Regards, Mel
  10. The easiest way I have found to do that is to use SBuilder. Create your polygon(s) for the areas where you want trees then assign the VTPP with a stock texture that properly represents the trees in the area of the airport. Select the texture with a "Y" preceding the description text (Y = Autogen yes). The only restriction is that the polygons have to be over a certain minimum area in size or the autogen will not be applied to the texture. The main advantage to this method is that unlike using a tree library and placing the trees such as TreePlanter is because the trees in the VTPP file will match in color and season with the surrounding trees. Trees placed as scenery objects always appear brighter and probably will not match the season correctly. The season attributes have to be programed in when / before the tree(s) model is compiled. Since you wrote autogen then SBuilder is the way to go. The rest is for anyone else who might be interested. Hope this helps. Regards, Mel
  11. I trust you are sincere in which case I agree. Although I don't have much knowledge about the A7. I'll leave it at that. Me, . . . . . . a pilot in a combat situation; scary and ugly enough to make the enemy turn yellow, a bullet proof cockpit and able to fly with one engine missing, that was shot off and left somewhere in the desert, do my job and get me back to base - I'm in love. Unfortunately this is more about politics and shifting money to BS 'programs' than what is effective at doing the job at hand or foreseen. Mel
  12. I have worked on that periodically with barely acceptable results (I am my om worst critic!). What I found I was that I was able to produce the necessary files along with a pile of my hair in the area of the keyboard and that is a sacrifice I am not willing to repeat often. I also would love to be talented enough to produce pay ware like results, so, I do work at it occasionally, but only when my hair needs thinned. My little home airport is begging for a face lift. Thanks for the complement, much appreciated. Regards, Mel
  13. http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/ Using ADE would be the quickest and most direct approach to improve most smaller airports just to gain experience. That would use stock scenery elements at first. Taxiway edge (blue) lights are fixed in brightness as far as I know. The only way to improve on that would be with custom made line polygons (with lights) laid out to match your taxiway edge lines - very time consuming and only after mastering some other design software such as GMAX or something like it. The green center line lights are the same. Yes they look like a jumbled mess don't they. I don't normally use them, but, if I really feel the center line lights necessary, here is my way of avoiding the visual mess. Picture two 100' wide taxiways intersecting at a 90 degree angle. I set ADE to draw a 1' wide closed taxiway of the same material as the 100' taxiway. I then draw the 1' section off to the side of the taxiway where it while be applied (so the nodes will not link to the 100' section). Next I set the attributes of the 1' closed section to; no lines, no edge lights and centerline lights on. (centerline lights off in the 100' taxiway of course) Next I drag the nodes of the 1' section so the they lay over the top of the 100' centerlines and placing the nodes so they do not lay on any node in the 100' taxiway near, but not on. If needed I can elaborate further. The taxiway markings can be made to be more vivid. The texture for the markings is in the main FS9 texture folder and the name is; taxiway_marks. The texture is normally yellow / orange with black markings. the file also has a alpha layer, black with white markings (black - invisible, some shade of white to gray - what you see in the sim). If you are not able or willing to edit that file (make a back up if you intend to try) then you may be able to download something more to your liking. You can use ADE to create a flatten polygon or polygons that can expand the area around the airport - simple approach, or you can use a program called SBuilder which can make more creative flattens such as sloped flatten that can blend the airport into the surrounding terrain more realistically. There is are buildings listed in ADE that are from stock FS9 you can place with ADE. You can also add object libraries and models to ADE that will give you additional choices. "how to add airfields." If you are referring to a new airport that does not exist in FS9 then again with ADE / File / New Airport - and input the information required. From there a flatten for the airport to set on, a airport background polygon to remove any autogen buildings and trees (SBuilder) or use excludes (ADE) to remove buildings and trees and use whatever texture background is already present. To build your airport from scratch and as you imply, with your own(?) buildings will require you to learn at least one of the 3d modeling programs and a good texture editor and I'm sorry to say there really is no fast track. Just start with simple things and work your way up. I hope this answers your questions and that it helps you out. Regards, Mel Hi I rated your post as funny based on the quote above, on everything else I agree completely. I just thought I should explain that so that it was not taken as disrespect toward anyone. Best regards, Mel
  14. With out divulging to much detail I will say I do believe the Gnomes are massing their numbers (7 or 8, several are AWOL somewhere warmer) in Nome Alaska for the impending award ceremony. I will tell you that my insider says they are nearly out of control with excitement. Give the Golden Gnome Award ( WITH DIAMONDS!) like Oscars they don't. With the recipient the FORCE must be. Resistance is futile!!!! Maybe I should watch something besides Sci-Fi while I'm flying? And be sure to haul out the lawn mower every now and then just to freak the neighbors out - just park it on the concrete and fire it up and watch them run. Better yet use gravel instead of concrete and do that. I know they will run for cover then. :Big Grin: Best regards to all, Mel Reserve Gnome ID # *** **** ***** **9, Still waiting on that promotion and the pointy hat!
  15. Thank you so much for all of this Garry, and your obvious love of our hobby. Regards, Mel
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