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Help with Configuring FSX

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Hi Guys,


I seem to be getting really low FPS while playing FSX. I have tried various guides on line what have recommend on forums and I still have not been able solve it.

I get around 10-15fps on the ground (PMDG 737). When flying it gets even worse. If I fly the Maule it get around 25-30fps.


Below is the list of Things I have installed.


1. FSX + Acceleration (Gold Edition)

2. PDMG 747

3. ORBX Australia

4. REX



My Computer Specs:


i7 3930K


2 x GTX 690 (Quad SLI)

FSX installed of SSD

3 x 27inch Samsung LED monitors (Nvidea surround) (5898 x 1080)



As you can see I have pretty decent computer and should be getting better FPS. If turn down all the settings on the ground I get around 30-40FPS. I set the settings as per

what is recommended in ORBX for Australia and i get really low FPS. I have tried changing and configuring FSX.cfg to get better FPS and it has not worked and all guides are

different in some  ways and I'm left with little confused what actually and what doesn't work.


I would like to start from scratch using a default fsx.cfg. I'm sure this forums is filled with these types of posts, but I have tried everything that I could find on other forums and here and now

im desperate. Any help is greatly appreciated.




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As Gavin says, download that tweaking guide & apply the changes within it.


Once you've done that, I'd recommend switching to DX10 - looks better & appears to generate some extra FPS.


Good luck - let us know how you get on!

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Thanks guys. Yes I did try that guide and spent fair bit of hours testing with various settings. At the end I had enough and uninstalled everything and started from scratch.


So far I have installed: 


FSX + Acceleration


PMDG 737



Im yet to install ORBX. I though I'll do some testing so I get some base FPS figures. Flying the Maule I get 40-60fps When I fire up PMDG 737 i get 10-20fps.


So I'm guessing the PMDG is an issue here. Trying to find out if there are any specif settings changes I can do gain more FPS for PMDG.

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I have pretty similar configuration when it comes to performance. You have quad SLI, but as FSX/P3D has no proper SLI support, you gain no performance from your extra graphics chips. I use Prepar3D, but same lines should apply with FSX. I also don't use NGX, but some other demanding models, though.


When I went to Nvidia Surround some time ago, I was quite surprised how well single overclocked GTX670 with just 2GB of vram can run things. My bezel corrected resolution is 6080x1080 which is huge amount of pixels. With Prepar3D and I can use same near max settings I used with just one monitor with few exceptions:


1. With heavy anti-aliasing, you kill FPS as you effectively multiply the amount of pixels your GPU has to deal with. I use now just ingame AA. For some reason shimmering in surround doesn't bother nearly as much as it does with just single display. Besides, flying without surround with that ridicilously low FOV of just one monitor feels nowadays just silly, and trade to smaller AA is at least for me acceptable.


2. I use BP=0, but with that setting you may get graphic glitches with certain type of heavy weather if you are using some HD cloud textures like I did with REX Essentials OD. Drop them back to 1024x1024 and at least I can fly with BP=0 in any weather situaion and scenery now.


3. FSX may be otherwise bit different when it comes to other .cfg tweaks, but for P3D I have only BP=0 and AffinityMask=1364, nothing else. I could probably leave AM away too, because it seems to have quite small impact. BP=0 makes huge difference though, like it does in FSX. FPS is limited in the simulator to 30 FPS. As for other information, I run Prepar3D in windowed mode using Autohothkey and pseudo fullscreen script. There is no performance hit running in windowed. I also have MTX for AI with 30/20 settings.


All in all, I get actually better FPS with these settings in some situations than I got with just one single monitor. For example I got some noticable slow down in ORBX PAKT with extra Misty Moorings stuff with the settings I used with one monitor. Now it runs nearly 30 FPS there too. It all becomes pretty much to heavy AA which can, depending on the what is in the scenery, get very taxing even using just one monitor with good graphichs card.


You may find better settings, but here may be something to start with. Just remember that you most likely can't crank everything quite up there as people using just one 1920x1080 monitor or even those with 2560x1440 monitors. But you should not have to low them quite that much too.

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