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FSX and Windows 7

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I use FSX Deluxe Edition on my Windows 7 Pro,64 bit together with Norton 360 Antivirus,Firewall.

Lately I have a lot of problems,FSX crashes,when quitting I get error messages etc

Before going into more details I wonder if anybody runs FSX as I do and if they encounter any



Hubert Werni

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Hi Guys

Can I seek some advice, I too am getting the 'Fatal error' messages, reading other messages I think my problem maybe instigated by hitting the menu bar,perhaps??  hard to pinpoint as the FSX crashes randomly.

I am using Windows 7 64Bit with FSX Gold & Accelerator and PMDG NGX newly purchased nd installed.

I saw in a previous post suggesting a download file to place another uiautomationcore.dll file into the FSX main file, I wonder if I should go ahead and place it into my FSX?  Any suggestions most appreciated, but please a dilluted version as I'm not a computer whiz kid (sadly)



My system specs are:

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bits

CPU Intel i 5 4670


Graphics NVIDIA GeForce  GTX 760 2GB

Hard Disk SSD 120 GBS


                                        Many Thanks




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Uiautomationcore.dll - The uiautomationcore.dll fixes one problem and that's a crash if you repeatedly hit the FSX menu bar. I personally cannot replicate this crash and have tried several times to crash my FSX by repeatedly clicking on the fsx menu bar. No joy... I really think the menu bar crash is caused by high settings where fsx is running short of memory by the constant hitting on the menu bar. I do not have the uiautomationcore.dll in my main fsx folder and never have (except for testing). The uiautomationcore.dll belongs with the Microsoft.net framework packages and, developers of FSX and FSX addons require dotnet versions 1.1 thru 4.5 installed to make their products work properly. I believe the Vista version of dotnet is 1.1 as it is installed with FSX/Acceleration.


Recently I reinstalled Windows 7 and FSX/Acceleration. I was getting unexplained BEX/StackHash crashes (well, they occurred when I closed FSX). When I looked at the crash report it showed that the uiautomationcore.dll was in my main fsx folder. Now I never put it there and I know it was not there when FSX/Acceleration were installed. So some other program installed it. I removed it. The BEX/StackHash crashes are gone.


The Uiautomationcore.dll 'fix' is not compatible with Windows 8.


You should start a new topic and post your crash details as I explained in Post #2 of THIS topic.  Placing several types of crashes in one topic causes major, major confusion and you may not get any response to your issue.


Best regards,


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