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David B

OK, I'll try here. DX-10 FTXG Questions

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Hey everyone, I posted this a few days ago under the vector lights thread in the orbx section.  No replies, so I'll try again here; where it seems to be more active and readied help.


I have the fixer loaded up, made my changes etc.


I have win 7 Ult 64, GTX580 1.5gb,16GB Ram, water cooled, FSX Accel.. i7 2600k OC 4.3ghz


OK, here we go.   I've tweaked my UTX lights using Michael Swannicks  FSXLights fix. Got rid of those UTX globes, looks great.


However, just using the intersection lights, I'm getting some choppy performance in heavy areas such as KLAS FSDT, I don't look at frame counters..just look for smoothness to me.


I have purchased, but not installed yet FTXG. I use GEX/UTX right now.


I have read the many threads regarding allowing FTXG Autogen vector files(night lighting) to show on UTX roads.


My questions:   If I install FTXG, and follow the instructions for allowing the lights  to show using FT roads, will that impact my framerates significantly.  I'm looking for  the best representation of night lighting; w/out being a slideshow.


Also, being a realworld pilot, I see many cities at night.  They are mostly an orangeish color till getting close to them on approach, then you can make out more of the different colors such as stop lights etc.


It looks like, that the Orbx lights have a yellowish tint to them. If so, can I edit the color to make it the more realistic orange color. UTX does this very well. I understand, they(Orbx) will be releasing some sort of editor sometime. If colors can't be adjusted, i'll wait for the editor perhaps.  Before installing FTXG.


I've seen discussions on city light colors.  Usually attributed to photos taken at night.   white balance off etc, are reasons I hear of the lights being the wrong color.


Well, in my case, I'm talking about what I see with my eyes from the cockpit(B737) as I approach large cities at night.  LAX, Chicago etal...it's a sea of orange folks.


RE the UTX/FTXG lighting. I understand what needs to be done in ref. to copying files.


Just curious, if someone has made a chart or something that shows how the vector gen stuff coorelates with the UTX road stuff.    Or, is it a matter of hit/miss.


Any insight appreciated folks.  Hopefully, someone can help in this forum. Holding off till I hear from you nice folks.





PS forgive my spelling, can't seem to type tonight.

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The FTXG lights perform very well - they don't use the effects subsystem that the UTX lights use - the latter is heavily CPU bound.


The DX10SF effects "fix" also adds a slight extra cost to the UTX lights which may become noticeable in urban areas.

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Is it possible to turn off UTX night lights option completely when installing, then install FXTG for night lights?





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