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Let Me have it, tell me like it is, Oh my!

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Like many of us I have been using FSX since 98, and finally after updating so many times with new hardware and software, FSX seems to be running quite smoothly. FSX is a big hobby in my life after having 18 different operations since 2004 and being disabled from work


I understand Steve has worked very hard and diligently for this dx10 fixer.  Currently I am sitting ouside the fence, but of course like many of us, looking for that program to heighten or improve the FSX experience.


Of course I have all the usual addons, PMDG ngx, FS dreamteam airports, Rex Essential Plus etc etc.


With that said, and very seriously, how much better can I make FSX better, performance wise, grahphically, and so forth.


I am looking for a program that will be simple to install, and surely I don't want too many headaches afterwards.

Like mentioned earlier, finally with my current setup of using dx9, 3770k oc 4.4ghz, 780gtx, 8gigs memory 1883, windows 7 64 bit, coolmaster half 932, fsx seems to be running nice and smooth.


Thus convince me, what kind of improvement with my current setup, and what I mentioned above, would I see in FSX.

Concluding I am looking for a program that is nice and simple, with relatively few headaches, and that famous word,   Tweaking....


Tell me like it is, convince me, and let me have it!!!!!!


thanks, Ronny

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There is SOOO much said already, so why don't you read all the other topics? I don't think anybody will say something to you here that hasn't be stated before.


I suggest you try the free shader patches on AVSim, that will give you a good impression on how DX10 will perform on your machine.

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There have been a couple of topics started in this tone lately.

My instinctive reaction is to be less polite than I normally try to be

but I will resist it and simply echo Mark's comments.


I realise this post contributes nothing of value but then nor does the topic.

Damn, couldn't resist after all. :smile:




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Well I guess for the moment I will sit and wait, eventually I am sure down the line I will be purchasing Steve's fix, for dx10., but like I said earlier looking for a program that's simple and with not too many problems, like many of us earlier simmers have been tweeking fsx on and on.


My main issues, and their seems to be a bit of confusion are the following:

1-compatibility with all of my fly/Tampa airports - CYUL, KBOS, KBUF, KTPA, KMDW,  Latin VFR - KMIA vol2, KSAN, Flightbeam -  KIAD  Fs Dreamteam - KJFKvol2, KORD, KLAX, CYVR, KFLL.

2- I have a Nividia 780GTX - specifically, what setting do I use for Nivida Inspector, understand a couple of settings do not work in the nivida control panel, and finally what settings should I have in my fsx cfg file, referring to all these settings with AA.  With fsx in dx9 I use 8x in Nividia Inspector, and in fsx, I leave AA, unchecked, also in Nivida Inspector for Transparency  Supersampling, I have 4xSparse Grid Supersampling.

3 - in reference to Rex Essential Plus, I currently use their water settings, called sparkling, and in fsx, I set water to 2xlow.


Basically these are my main concerns, I understand the value of converting to dx10, better memory usage, specifically dealing with VAS,, and even a smoother sim.


Like I have mentioned earlier my sim is running pretty good under dx 9, but always looking to fine tune it, remember this is a 2006 program, that was coded wrong from the beginning.




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There are some good posts with details on NI settings and fsx cfg files, it made a big difference using those settings on my PC and also rolling back to lower resolution textures from AS2012 still on the fence myself as there are a few issues still in dx10 for me the low settings on all lights IE runway lights and AI traffic I hope that will be fixed, still have some work to do before I decide if I am staying with 10 or going back to 9



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