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  1. I would back it up as a precaution and as reference material. It's always good to do some cleaning after a period of tweaking and adjusting in the FSX.CFG, so I would always recommend starting fresh and add the necessary tweak manually again. It removes misspelled words and redundant entries that might sneak in when tweaking. Especially when starting with DX10, since you should "recalibrate" your settings with DX10 usage, I would recommend backing up the old one and start fresh. But of course, if you are a very precise person or you just don't want to start over or need advise from others concerning performance, then don't. Why should others care about what you do!
  2. I'm not sure about this one. Yesterday I added the VC shadows in the Real Air Legacy and they looked GREAT. But, you have to add them yourself with the DX10 Toolbox which comes with the fixer. I didn't test enabling VC shadows in the NGX. But if you do, I recall seeing an checkbox option in the Fixer saying 'HD Jet shadows' or something like that. Did you actually add the VC Shadow to the NGX using the toolbox?
  3. I would seriously advise AGAINST using the old Bojote's tool. While it was great for people to get better performance, nowadays with DX10 it is really not that great anymore. It makes all kind of changes to the fsx.CFG which makes it very hard to help people around here. They simply do not know what kind of tweaks they are already using (and why). With DX10 the amount of tweaks needed are much less than in the old days, and if people want to have better performance it is best that they have some clue of what they are doing. I'd rather point them to the How-to doc which Paul has composed with some decent evidence based testing as back-up.
  4. Mork

    Included Liveries

    Probably downloadable to reduce download size of the aircraft. But who cares... as long as they are there right? I would love to see the KLM livery, can't wait.
  5. Mork

    Help Me Pick a Fun Cargo Plane

    The Real Air Duke Piston/Turbine is great too and has some cargo space. Way more cargo space than the Legacy, lol! What did you haul in that, a box of matches?
  6. Mork

    I am just blown away

    I might give it a try as well! I must still have a pair of those 3D glasses here somewhere....
  7. As far as I know you don't really have to uninstall GEX first. The textures will be simply overwritten. I can't imagine any GEX leftover causing this to be honest. Like Dave said, the black squares in your screenshot are exactly like the road lights not being displayed correctly in DX10. So double check that you have the line D3D10=0 in your fsx.cfg if you want to run in DX9. If you made sure of that already, I can't tell you what's going on and like Woodhick advised, try asking over at the OrbX forums for help.
  8. This is how it always works. You also pay for other services, like helpdesks, while I never use them personally. Also with taxes: I pay for childsupport for other people, I pay for people who are born being disabled, for roads I don't drive on.. Also with normal stores or company's: When you go to the supermarket, you actually pay for products being stolen by others as well. When you go flying, you pay as much for fuel as a person three times your weight. And so on... Because this isn't a perfect world, it would be nice if people weren't so rigid. Why so keen on putting down here every little argument you guys can think of, of not giving out more service that comes at a very little cost. Again, what are the costs of a download? They already have it available online and they already have lots of bandwith (if you own an online store, you already have those) And how much do you think every person will download the same software over and over again? Daily?? Come on, this is a small amount of extra bandwith. This isn't really about the subject anymore, just an internet argument everyone is trying to win. Or you have your own online store, and don't want people to get 'crazy' ideas about customer service. The bottomline is, it is a great service to be able to download your purchase again if, whatever the reason, you don't have it available. And yes, it is smart to have your own back-ups, no one is saying otherwise. But it's not a perfect world, ###### happens, specially to those who aren't computer whizzkids.
  9. Yea, you guys do a fine job too! Like mentioned earlier, with several solutions (like Bittorrent) it comes at no cost to keep software online. And comparing with sending over DVD again is apples and oranges. The physical distribution of a physical disc does come with a considerable price tag, especially international. While a digital distibution is virtually free and costs no manual labour. But some here are very eager to keep everything the way it is. I think some extra service would be great.
  10. What is the actual cost of download? They already have a server with the program online, so its only extra bandwith. And that is not expensive. And so what, then let them charge a dollar or something. Again, why so rigid? It's a service they could easily provide to their paying customers with no extra cost (if they choose to charge a small fee). And if the office goes out of business, then that's bad luck. That's a whole other subject that also affects running purchases of hardware, kitchens, cars and service contracts etc. Take a look at Steam, Origin etc. In this day and age, it is well possible to service your customers better, and I would expect more support from other customers like yourself. It can only help.
  11. It doesn't have to be ignorance for people to don't have a back-up. What if you had a break in you house and your pc get's stolen? Or a fire, computer virus or what ever the reason. Do you keep all your DVD's in a seperate location, in a safe, in a bunker floating on oil just to be sure? You probably don't either. Where is the line of stupid? Plus the fact that it's very common for people, who definitely aren't all computer whizzkids, to screw up their computers every now and then. The beauty of the internet and why the company (any for that matter) is probably making more sales is because of digital distribution. They can easily offer some service which costs them almost nothing with free unlimited download from your purchase. I don't think it helps anyone stating the obvious, what he should have known/done and all... he knows that and is facing the consequences now. Although technically you might be right, any fellow customer like yourself should strive to improving service and support and should not burn down or sneering others who actually share their experiences. It may help you in the future.
  12. Then they should charge you the bandwith cost, like 5 cents or something. Come on guys, it's 2013 and why are you all against normal/reasonable customer service. So what if the purchase doesn't include an insurance against corruption. LOL how do you even come up with that stuff. I see you everywhere bashing other who actually dare speaking their minds. And again, i don't get why.
  13. You purchased a license to use the software, and it is provided via download. You don't get a DVD or other 'hardcopy', so when your HD crashes or something like that, like with Steam, you should be able to redownload I think. B.t.w. some ppl here (not you mgh) are very edgy when it comes to complaints regarding devs, you see them popping up everywhere to attack other customers when they vent their experience and I really don't understand why. Unless it's a useless and annoying rant, but I don't think this topic is.
  14. Are you talking about re-downloading what you have purchased in the past?
  15. Mork

    DX10 Users Poll

    Yes, but remember: The spinning plane on the opening screen of FSX where you choose your plane, airport etc. is without proper antialiasing, but in-game is fine. I read somewhere you can fix this within Inspector, but that didn't work for me. So don't let that scare you off and try it in-game. Works great.