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  1. As far as I know you don't really have to uninstall GEX first. The textures will be simply overwritten. I can't imagine any GEX leftover causing this to be honest. Like Dave said, the black squares in your screenshot are exactly like the road lights not being displayed correctly in DX10. So double check that you have the line D3D10=0 in your fsx.cfg if you want to run in DX9. If you made sure of that already, I can't tell you what's going on and like Woodhick advised, try asking over at the OrbX forums for help.
  2. Oh man, i couldn't find the answer with google on this problem, so i am so happy with this forumpost. I also have Sweet FX and i ive ran FSX in dx10 mode for a couple of weeks already, but only noticed about 2 weeks ago that the crashing was pesistent. It doesn't always happen. I already tried replacing the D3D11.DLL's etc... But if i understand you correctly, you only need to uninstall that Win-update and you can still use SweetFX? I really hope so, i'll try right now! Edit: Ok, so that should do the trick indeed, just read another topic on this.
  3. t's in the same map as the dxtfixer executable
  4. I'm trying it right now. First i'll let it only check for bad files, which it is doing now. If it's a long list (and i have a lot of freeware/payware scenery -incl. Amsterdam Schiphol-) than i'll probably let it fix everything. But than i'll make a back-up first. I will share my results here. It's sounds quite promising. - Update 1: Ok, it was quite a long list it turned up with. Aerosoft and trafficX being the biggest 'offenders'. I'll try those first and than maybe later the rest. I back-upped most of the folders that were reported, since i altered all the TrafficX AI traffic with Shockwave lights and TSS sounds, and i dont want to lose them.. had put a lot of work and time in it. I'm quite hesitant, because in my life I have put myself more than once into sheer misery and regret after a 'brilliant' idea without taking the necessary precautions. FSX runs great right now, but i still do encounter some stuttering once in a while. It would be great if it turns out to be a reported airport, scenery or AI plane causing that. But it would be a real bummer if chasing a little annoyance would leave me with a broken FSX installation or screwed up textures. - Update 2: Well, i just fixed the Aerosoft and TrafficX maps and taxied a while through Amsterdam and everything seemed fine. The low FPS scared me (minimums of 20 FPS, mostly arond 22-25) since it would normally stay above 25, but i had recently added some roadtraffic again and i'm sure that is lowering performance. But no texture glitches or anything, so later i will try some more folders.
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