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  1. Did you add the VC Shadows to the planes with the provided DX10 Toolbox?
  2. You can try the FREE DX10 shader patches here on AVSim (also provided by Steve) to ensure yourself that your NGX will not flicker. I have used DX10 for well over a year and the NGX works perfectly. But if you want to test it for yourself before buying the full DX10 fixer, try the free shader patches. It will fix it!
  3. I would back it up as a precaution and as reference material. It's always good to do some cleaning after a period of tweaking and adjusting in the FSX.CFG, so I would always recommend starting fresh and add the necessary tweak manually again. It removes misspelled words and redundant entries that might sneak in when tweaking. Especially when starting with DX10, since you should "recalibrate" your settings with DX10 usage, I would recommend backing up the old one and start fresh. But of course, if you are a very precise person or you just don't want to start over or need advise from others concerning performance, then don't. Why should others care about what you do!
  4. I haven't tried it myself, but I think you have to add a ballast light to the plane that you fly in.
  5. I think at 4 you only get cloud reflections, at 5 you get cloud and terrain reflections and at 6 you get cloud, terrain and autogen refections. For me the clouds only are fine, so I run at 4 at the moment. Although I haven't been flying for over 2 months or so now, lol.
  6. There is SOOO much said already, so why don't you read all the other topics? I don't think anybody will say something to you here that hasn't be stated before. I suggest you try the free shader patches on AVSim, that will give you a good impression on how DX10 will perform on your machine.
  7. Here are mine. I'm very happy with my settings, looks real stunning. But if I try someone else's it doesn't look very good most of the time, so I'm guessing it is somewhat dependent on several factors, like monitor, videocard, driver etc.. But you are welcome to try mine, I've put in a lot of time to get it right.
  8. It is ok to install it in a seperate folder within the FSX folder, right? For example 'C:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\DX10 Scenery Fixer\' Or does it have to be in a seperate root folder 'C:\DX10 Scenery Fixer\'?
  9. Ok, you just created yet another duplicate thread...... Is there something wrong with AVSim that gets your threads copied, or are you just messing around here?
  10. I'm not sure about this one. Yesterday I added the VC shadows in the Real Air Legacy and they looked GREAT. But, you have to add them yourself with the DX10 Toolbox which comes with the fixer. I didn't test enabling VC shadows in the NGX. But if you do, I recall seeing an checkbox option in the Fixer saying 'HD Jet shadows' or something like that. Did you actually add the VC Shadow to the NGX using the toolbox?
  11. Why on earth did you create 5 exact same threads in 17 minutes time? :lol: But to answer your question, I've tried several SweetFX settings from others, but for some reason they were never good on my PC. I think it's very dependent on monitor settings (contrast, brightness), FSX settings, videocard settings etc.. and so it's better to fiddle with it yourself. You can actually change setings within SweetFX WHILE running FSX, so you can immediately check the results. Either change things in the settings.txt and go back to Full-screen FSX OR use a SweetFX configurator utility to force the changed setting while still running FSX.
  12. Good AA is very well possible with DX10, so I'm sure there is something you haven't tried. Did you set the two parameters under the [GRAPHICS] section in your FSX.CFG? (MultiSamplesPerPixel=X and MultiSampleQuality=X) Try setting both at 4 first, and in NVidia Inspector try the 4 X Multisampling (<--- although I believe this setting isn't needed anymore with the fsx.CFG entries) in conjunction with the 4XSGSS setting. This should give you some good AA which you can later alter to test further. And what are your specs, type of videocard etc? You can edit your profile here on AVSim so that it shows your specs under your username as you see on the left of this post under my username (My PC). <------
  13. Hi Fox, You can put your system specs in your profile, so it shows up under your name here on AVSim. It would be useful to also put in your CPU details, so what I7 do you have? And at what clockspeed are you running it? (if you are overclocking). The version Paul was talking about is of the free shader patches Steve has release over the last year here on AVSim -- that is IF you used those prior to the new DX10 Fixer. Or is this the first time you installed anything to try DX10? When it comes to AA with an AMD card, it is possible, but Paul and I aren't really experts when it comes to AMD cards. I do read everywhere that AA needs to be forced by an AMD program called Radeon Pro. You might want to check other topics as well, because I know of several users who had the same problem as you, but managed to get it working. Edit: Ok LOL, there is such a topic right here in the DX10 subsection with screenshots and all: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/421849-dx10-fixer-atiamd-aa-and-vsync-guide/
  14. You can't capture smoothness on a screenshot. DX10 is not so much about better graphics, although it has some advantages regarding to water, use of bloom and VC shadows. You can only upgrade scenery for real difference in eye-candy, or use a mod like SweetFX for more vibrance, contrast and effects.
  15. I would seriously advise AGAINST using the old Bojote's tool. While it was great for people to get better performance, nowadays with DX10 it is really not that great anymore. It makes all kind of changes to the fsx.CFG which makes it very hard to help people around here. They simply do not know what kind of tweaks they are already using (and why). With DX10 the amount of tweaks needed are much less than in the old days, and if people want to have better performance it is best that they have some clue of what they are doing. I'd rather point them to the How-to doc which Paul has composed with some decent evidence based testing as back-up.
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