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No suspension work = immidiate turn off

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Just thinking about that today, how mucho importante for me is when freeware/payware plane must have a good suspension work. I almost always love to watch a recording of landings, and I don't do that with default airliners, because they land like a brick - they don't have a bit of suspension work, blah. I can't recall which decent payware airplane I bought, and I didn't use it since I watched the landing with it. It was immidiate turn off after I saw that there is absolute no suspension work, like the gears are on the wooden sticks. For me that is one of the most important aspects regarding exterior model.

Bought CLS MD-81/82 package few days ago, and I was amazed how good suspension work it has, watched few of my landing only to enjoy that suspension. Above all, it ignites the spark in me to perform the smoothest landings ever. I default B747 you can land smooth, but that is not important for a piece of brick. :lol:

Do you guys remember teaser trailer for Enigma B737? Remember the suspension work there... I mean...




Can't wait to buy that plane when it's out, just to watch the landings.


One thing more about CLS MD-82. I'm amazed by the addon, it has decent systems, pretty good VC, and the best FPS performance I saw with ANY payware plane out there, incredible. Sitting on runway 26L on EDDM with default C172, FPS is around 62, and in CLS MD-82 VC is around 55, amazing.


Well, just wanted to share my enthusiasm about suspension work, and how important is for overall feel and immersion.



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Maybe the default planes are simply equipped with quite stiff settings for suspension.


In any way, I was never disturbed by it.

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Hah, I'm not that picky, not a complex systems nerd or something, just I love good suspension modeling, the aircraft feel much more natural and real.

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Infinite Flight  B)

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