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Hello guys

I know this topic has been discussed before but as you know technology changes so I said i might get a good answer for this present time on "what is the best fairly price specs for a desktop to run fsx smoothly"


I already have a rig built 2 years ago with the following:


1- CPU: i7 2600k

2- asus z68 deluxe

3- 2x 4gb ripjawz (RAM)

4-nvidia GTX 660 "bought it just today"


This computer was just working fine untill few days ago the whole system crashes when i try to start any game, i just cant even access the game, the moment it finish loading, baaam windows restarts, no blue screen nothing


I tried many things to solve my issue, replaced GPU, i tried runing with single RAM, formatted the pc, everything with no luck, i am fed up with it


To make story short, I would like to spend around $800-1000 only so i said why dont i just keep some of the current parts like hard drive, RAM if possible, dvd player, gpu, and just get me a new board, cpu and psu


So any suggestion on how i should spend those $800? What are the best parts?


All ideas and suggestions are welcomed even if a possible solution to my problem


Thanks in advance

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I dont much offer suggestions as to what components to purchase to upgrade computers but I will suggest that you investigate your power supply as a culprit to your errors.


In my years of using and building computers, power supply failures have caused me alot of havoc.  There failures make you assume compontents are bad or your system is unstable/broken.  My rule now is always start with replacing the power supply.


^^^^^This is only advice ^^^^^^ I am not saying this will fix your issue if you decide not to ungrade, but if you upgrade and the power suppy is still defective......stand by for a repeat!

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Yep its junk. Better get a new one. Ill give ya 50 bucks for your old one for scrapo. :) 75.00?

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I was having problems with my ASUS P8P67 Pro motherboard (multiply restarts, not booting to Win7, etc.) and what fixed it for me was clearing the cache. Google ASUS mobos and cache clearing.


Good luck.

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Does it crash if you leave it running in just the BIOS?


Without windows running.


It could be many things, but I would certainly test your hard drive. If it will run, try WD Lifeguard tools. It will work with any make of HD and is free on the Western Digital web site. Crystal Disc info, will enable you to read the smart data.


PSU is a possibility, you can buy a PSU tester quiet cheap, or test with a multi meter.

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