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The T7 on my low-end system, and a big Thank You to PMDG

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My PMDG "career" has started nearly 1.5 years ago, it's about time for this post.


I started of with the JS41, enjoying it but soon feeling I need a plane I often fly with as passenger,

so I soon got the NGX, followed by the expansion pack.


As I felt that I want to get into heavies too, the MD11 joined the fleet.


I fly all of them a lot, and last week I bought the 777. Why not?

If it doesn't work I have it ready for better times when I have a decent desktop.


But now, after turning down a few settings I totally enjoy it.

None of the other planes gave me the feeling of flying a large plane and "being there".


I already flew her into the most complex scenery I have, Aerosofts Approaching LOWI, and landed without problems.

FPS on final approach was just above 10, but stutter-free, making good hand flying possible.

This was certainly better than with the NGX, where I had to switch to the 2D panel.


On important thing to note is that I'm not a "HD" simmer. I have no problem with a few "blurries", low autogen settings and default sceneries and clouds.


If you can think like that as well and have a similar system as me, I'd say go for it. Hope this helps some people who are unsure about getting the Triple Seven :smile: .


Thank you PMDG for giving me such a great time with your products.


I wish you nice holidays, merry Christmas, and a happy new year,


hopefully beginning with releasing the "real" (sorry about that, I just prefer long airplanes) 777 when it's ready.





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I agree. I have been very happy so far with the 777. I have a PC which was close to top of the line in 2010. i7, 5780 vid card 1gb, etc.. No over clock or anything and after following the tips on the intro, especially only using the scenary files I need performance has been good even with a good amount of AI traffic and Active Sky Next weather. So far it has been awesome! Performance has been good, no crashes.


I have flown all in real time:


LAX-AKL 12hr

AKL-HKG 10hr

HKG-IAD 14.5hr


By now from what I read I was expecting some type of crash on these flights but they have gone perfectly and the airplane is just phenomenal. I'm sure I will get some spots of low FPS and a crash but so far I can't complain. Great airplane for FS. I think some people just ask too much from their computers. I'm at moderate levels of graphics with some pay ware scenary but not much photoreal stuff. But AI traffic is UT-2 and MTX.

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