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1900D from a real world Perspective

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Not sure any of you are into tinkering with FSX planes, but based on your comments, I have made some mods to the B1900:


- EHSI displays white in GPS mode, green in VLOC mode


- Autopilot annunciator shows VS and GS


- YAW engages when AP engages, and turns off when AP is disengaged  (using any method - a compromise..)


- Also added clickspots to the EHSI to allow mousewheel adjustment to HDG and CRS (for convenience)


- Fixed BARO setting on pilot's altimeter, so you can correctly select 30.00 etc


If any of this floats your boat, let me know via PM (provide your email address) and I'll

see if I can send you whatever mods you might be interested in..


This is great. Keep it up.


These points were mentioned in this thread, they might not be too hard for you to fix:


-Battery gang bar operates in the wrong sense i.e push down on bar to turn batt and gens off


 -Park Brake handle operates in wrong sense. Should be, pull on push off.

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I looked at the notes and seems they fixed a parking break issue. I just bought it but haven't had a chance to fly her yet.

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Have you installed the service pack?

SP - OK. I'll check that out.


Thanks to the two RW pilots for their much appreciated comments.


Well I have to say this plane is a dream to fly in FSX. I have a high end PC and have had the chance to have several flights now. Some VFR some IFR in my home country of Australia and I really think Carenado have nailed it (aside from the issues discussed in this thread).


My biggest beef with Carenado in the past (I do love their planes and have more that 10 of them) has been their VC and Panel lighting and touchy click spots. But these are not a problem here (or in the C90B or B200 for that matter). You certainly can see the instruments.


Based on my (virtual) flights and the RW comments above this plane is very well behaved and stable. I look forward to testing it out in some really tough and great places in AU (FTX and Ants) like YCAB, YBTH, YLTT (YLEI in OZx), YBRM, YHOT, YSCH, YBCN and YSCB as well as elsewhere like Lukla, Courchevel (CVF) and Darrington (1S2).


To anyone contemplating purchasing this plane I can only say "do it", you will not be disappointed.


Cheers Anton.

Anton von Sierakowski (YBDG) Rig: ASUS Gryphon Z87 TUF Micro-ATX; i7 4770K 4.3GHz 16Gb RAM,GTX770 2Gb, 250Gb SSD boot, 1Tb SSD XP11, 250Gb SSD XPHDortho +  Orbx +++. PC Built date Sept 2013. Win10 64bit
Preferred aircraft: Thranda Quest Kodiak 100 V2, Carenado Beech Bonanza F33A, Carenado Beech Premier 1A, magknight B789, Zibo mod B737, Dreamfoil Bell 407, Aerobask DA62, STMA Pilatus PC-12-47G XP11. Wish list - study level Pilatus PC-24
Plugins: 124thATC, Autogate, AviTab, BetterPushBack, FlyWithLUA, Ground Handling Deluxe, Haversine AirFMC, HiFi Tech ASXP, LittleNavMap LNM, RealityXP gtn750, SAM, SimToolKitPro, Terrain Radar, xCamera, x-FMC, 
x-Life, xAddonmanager, xChecklist, xOrganizer, xVision 

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I got the 1/2 bank working on the autopilot!!  I am going to try and refine it but now if you click on the 1/2 button it cuts the bank down to 12.5 degrees and if you click on it again it goes back to 25 degrees.


Is there anyone who is good enough at photoshop to make a .bmp of that 1/2 Ø button but darker, like the alt or alt sel button? When you click on an autopilot button it is simply a darker version of the image you clicked to make it look like a button is being depressed.

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