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  1. What about using Make Runways for the taxiway info? I think that it takes that information from the bgls.
  2. So do the jet routes simply mean that when an AI aircraft leaves a SID, they fly a jet route away from the airport until they are no longer being monitored by AIController?
  3. Guys, I put a link somewhere in this thread to the most accurate version of CYTZ out there. It is a modification of ORBX's Freeware CYTZ from their FTX Global Freeware airports. So make sure you have those installed and have the latest ORBX Libs.
  4. It says you need Ops Spec 607 in order to use this approach. So you couldn't just go and fly it in a Cessna. So it is pretty much just for commercial operators. https://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/civilaviation/standards/commerce-certification-ops-3787.htm CONDITIONS 2. This authority is granted subject to the following condition(s): The aircraft shall be certified and equipped to fly a glide path angle of 4.8 degrees; Flight Crew shall be trained to fly approaches with a glide path angle of 4.8 degrees and shall be trained and familiar with all of the conditions associated with this approach procedure; The air operator shall have established procedures in its company operations manual for the guidance of its personnel; Either a PAPI or APAPI system aligned at 4.8 degrees, harmonized with the electronic glide slope shall be installed and operational; A visual alignment guidance system for the visual segment, such as the System of Azimuth Guidance for Approach (SAGA) shall be installed and operational; Touchdown limit lights shall be installed and operational; Yellow runway edge lights on the last third of the runway shall be installed and operational; The marine radar shall be operational when the weather is below 1000 ft ceiling and 3 miles visibility; When advised by ATC, prior to receiving approach clearance, that there is activity within the Marine Exclusion Zone (MEZ) at either end of Runway 26, the flight crew shall not commence the ILS/DME 26 approach until subsequently advised by ATC that the MEZs are clear; and When advised by ATC, after receiving approach clearance, that there is activity within the MEZs, the flight crew shall discontinue the approach unless the aircrew has descended below the minimum decision height (DH) and the flight crew has visual contact with the marine vessel.
  5. It's not like you are going to try and fly this approach in real life. ATC would never clear you for it.
  6. ILS DME RW26: https://mega.co.nz/#!jVcRRTyB!PM2PUGnoNWD5g10sP20bKDtv_ZHOrAvKIvazZvU2QAY
  7. Nevermind, fltpln.com doesn't have it.
  8. I have the very latest charts for CYTZ and the approaches are ILS RW08, ILS DME RW26, RNAV (GNSS)-A, RNAV (GNSS)-C and (GNSS) NDB DME-B. RW08/26 are the only runways used for commercial flights and are only for turboprops or less. No jets allowed.
  9. There is a glide slope for 08 and 26. Only RW26 ILS you need Ops Spec 607. So sometimes that approach may not be shown.There is also no localizer for RW33. The ORBX CYTZ is completely wrong. This an updated version https://www.dropbox.com/s/2smkeb22jjpz2s6/CYTZ_ADEP2_ADE.BGL. I think you have to delete the cytzobjects in this folder as well: C:\Program Files (x86)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\ORBX\FTX_GLOBAL\FTX_FTXG_AIRPORTS\Scenery. And to note the ILS frequency for RW08 is 110.10 since 26 and 08 share the same frequency.
  10. Order: 1. 63 AI Ships and AI Ship traffic for Europe and South America 2. Patch for 63 AI Ships and AI Ship Traffic 3. Carribbean AI Ship Traffic for 63 AI Ships and AI Ship traffic 4. AI Ships and AI Ship Traffic US West Coast 5. 75 AI Ships and AI Ship Traffic 6. AI Ship Traffic for North West Europe 7. Patch for 75 AI Ships and AI Ship Traffic 8. AI Ship Traffic For US East Coast V1 9. P3D Replacement effects for AI Ships and AI Ship Traffic 10. 130 AI Ships and AI Ship Traffic 11. AI Ship Traffic Mexican Gulf and Caribbean Sea 12. 130 AI Ships and AI Ship Traffic - Patch/Fix I would just install all of them. You don't need #9 if you aren't using P3D.
  11. Thanks for updating these F++. I have also noticed that the FO cannot turn off yaw damper.
  12. I have a custom checklist for the Q400 and one item always gives me problems: [ ] Caution Warning Lights -- OFF The FO never accepts my answer here. If I repeat it maybe four times he asks me if I can confirm and when I confirm he goes to the next item. I also have a problem with [ ] External Lights -- ON Same deal mostly. He keeps asking me if I am sure. I really don't care if I don't have them the way he wants me to have them, as the checklist is just so I remember to do certain things.
  13. It seems to be working. I am not sure why a couple of times the FO didn't want to do it but I will make sure that one throttle isn't too high when I ask for taxi lights off.
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