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  1. Bought FC3 via Avsim/ Paypal back in Dec. 2013. Have the receipt and all, but can´t find the activation code that I can use to get going installing the module in DCS World 2. Anyone got some tips how to retrieve it if (in this case) it seem to be lost?
  2. You could′ve just gone for the academic license from the beginning. They have a refund policy, or had at the time of my purchase at least. Each A2A bird are to be used for their respective license, so think you′ll have to wait. One thing you can do to get better performance, is to alter the ″OPTIMIZE_PARTS=0″ to 1. That one gave me a smoother ride
  3. figgios

    Why all this doom and gloom with 2.+?

    Well written Mike. The funniest posts about P3D are by the ones not even using it, complaining... Huh? In my case P3D made me come back to simming, and with pretty decent hardware and great add ons it′s the best experience I′ve ever had. Only thing right now I′d like to see resolved is the cloud shadows coming on and off as one turn or look around, but it′s so far from a deal breaker as one can get. Happy P3D camper here Using P3Dv2.5 btw.
  4. figgios

    FSX vs P3D 2.4

    "Generally" and one product (not released yet), are pretty far apart. Bet they have a good reason, but that's another discussion @Alan. If you are a professional, I bet you can cough up those 199 bucks . So what do you do, professionally in simming, to be in need of that version? And people complaining about not being able to run a new platform, with a set of completely new features, on their old hardware? Please...
  5. figgios

    FSX vs P3D 2.4

    "Downside to P3D is generally you pay more for payware." Please give examples. None of my add-ons are prized differently. Unless you think (for whatever reason) that you are a professional and go for that licence.
  6. Manageing settings in the sim will easily get you way higher fps than 40, with almost no visual impact. Just know which sliders not to max out. And of course addons will impact fps, but you didn't say anything about that, so I assume you are talking about an vanilla install? I get around 70 fps, many of the sliders maxed except autogen buildings (dense), trees (very dense), tesselation (low), traffic sliders (60% WOAI airliners, 15% road, 10% AI ships all packages, 0% GA), shadows quality on high (and all shadows on). 1920 x 1200. This is using the A2A Cherokee, Ftx Nor, ASN weather (cloud density high, 3 cloudlayers 60 miles), Rex soft clouds. This is in rural areas, over cities is another story. So I locked the fps to 35, and that is smooth enough. 4770K@4.3, Gtx 780 oc, 8gb 2400/cl9
  7. figgios

    P3D v2.5 Beta 2 - Terrain Shadows fixed ...

    @JimmiG; Yeah, see that optimization point. That′s what I thought . An option to render them all would be appreciated. In my case, I can′t see any performance hit whichever cloud shadow option I use (unless I go full on on the quality of shadows of course).
  8. figgios

    P3D v2.5 Beta 2 - Terrain Shadows fixed ...

    Hi Rob. Not the same issue, but I asked both here and over at LM about the behavior of the cloud shadows, and never got an official answer about it being looked into. They disappear as one turn around, and come back on again. This happens close to the edges of the screen, and I believe it is more pronounced facing certain headings? Do you have any info regarding this? Not a showstopper by any means, but would look better if resolved . And thanks for all the updates and stuff /Fredrik
  9. figgios

    Cloud shadows popping.

    Posted this over at LM, but hey, won′t hurt to post here as well... When I pan my view around (using TrackIR 5) the cloud shadows on the ground, closest to the edge of the screen, are disappearing and coming back as I turn my head. Bit annoying . A similar thing happens in the VC. Feels like it happens more when the sun is a bit lower on the horizon. Anyone else experiencing this? And if so, any cure? Sorry if this have been covered earlier. I′ve tried deleting the shaders folder, using different lighting/shadow settings and so on. / Fredrik
  10. figgios

    Must See! REX Soft Clouds

    Anyone saying -″Oh, these Soft Clouds are the same as ordinary REX 512 clouds″ obviously do not know what they are talking about. For the first time, clouds are actually looking good. A no-brainer really.
  11. I almost jumped out of my pants seeing Hurtigruten steaming toward the port in Ålesund, Norway today . Really bringing life to the sim. Many thanks!
  12. A2A Cherokee, first flight - Hands down the most epic moment in my sim-life. For the first time ever, I got to experience something that actually behaves as something that is real. Bit biased, because that′s the only GA-plane i′ve handled myself. But that feeling was almost scary. In a very good way
  13. Ah, good news! I′ve posted about the lack of driver support over at nvidia′s forum a week ago, just to make the need for it a bit visible. Merry Christmas
  14. figgios

    REX4 Texture Direct sp2 released

    If you install water animations again, and delete the shaders folder, the reflections are fine again. At least that's what I did.