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Install quirks... But all seems fine now...

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as expected, I took the plunge and got it today :-)


First experience was really bad - I couldn't even install it :-(


I was getting an error, with a log that suggested problems with my DirectX version.


Tried to find reports at various forums, but only found two, one related to a similar experience that a well known member of our community faced when installing P3Dv2 for the first time...


One of the answers on that thread suggested following the recommended installation prerequisites for P3D, something I didn't even bother to read, but, after getting the MSVC++, and DirectX installer from MS, I finally managed to install P3Dv2 :-)


The controller configuration was my next quirk. I have 3 controllers: the base of an old Cyborg I canibalized, a Thrustmaster HOTAS Cougar and a Saitek Pro Rudder set.


Whenever I defined the axis, as soon as I left P3Dv2 and returned, the simulator defined their own default assignements, and I had to repeat the whole assignment process from the start :-/  I even saved the confs in files using the EXPORT option, but it didn't solve the problem?


I am running Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit, so, this was not one of those Win8 typical bugs...


Well, after a reboot, the controllers started behaving as expected and never lost their configurations again? Weird, but solved :-)


Then, I went back to a recen post by Jeroen, where he described his settings, and "copy / pasted" all of it into my graphics settings. Well, I know Jeroen has a 780, and my graphics card is an 650 Ti with only 1GB GDDR5, but still the results I got were rather acceptable.


Cloud shadows are, unfortunately, very heavy on my system, so, I decided to simply turn them off.


I also didn't find better results with the FPS set to Unlimited, so as usual I set mine to 30. There was still some stuttering, that I didn't expect after reading the various reports at the forums, but I was not using a single tweak!


I decided to install the latest version of IL2 Sturmovik that was released today and required a clean install. It touched the same DirectX components that P3Dv2 install complained about, but I went ahead because for me, should I have to choose between keeping P3Dv2 or IL2, IL2 would easily win hands down! Anyway, after the IL2 install finisehd, I took it for a ride ( what a SUPERB sim this is... ) and all was fine / excellent with it, so, I shut it OFF and went testing P3Dv2 again....


Well, it is very very strange, but whatever IL2 did to my DirectX turned P3Dv2 smoother???? The stutters I was experimenting were completely gone? I know this doesn't make sense, but it's a fact!


I also decided to add my one and only tweak to the P3Dv2 CFG :  affinitymask=14, because I have an i5 2500K ( no HT ).


Well, after installing my only Carenado for FSX ( now P3Dv2) the B1900d that I had recently bought, I took it for a fe circuits around different airports and the overall experience is VERY GOOD!


P3Dv2 will definitely stay on my system ( OK, you can start throwing the jokes... I deserve it... for the concept / meaning of keeper in my vocabulary is far from what the common sense suggests... ). After having used FSX with the excellent DX10 fixer, I have to admit that the results do not by any chance stand behind the results I had with DX10 mode in FSX, and the performance is very good!


Well, I will now install ASN, and the only two Aerosoft products that have compatible installers for P3Dv2 and I already had for FSX - the DR.400 and the Twotter.

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There was still some stuttering, that I didn't expect after reading the various reports at the forums, but I was not using a single tweak!


Hello Jose

The first flight in P3D does stutter a bit, I guess the shaders are being built, it seems to settle down in subsequent flights.


Try these Bufferpools settings and see how you get on, I have no idea what tweaks are still working in P3D but I used these with my 570 and FSX with great results so I have used them with P3D and I am getting great frame rates and very smooth





RejectThreshold=126976  //512Kb = 524288, 256Kb = 262144, 124Kb = 126976, 96Kb = 98304

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Hi Jose,


can you post the link to thise settings used by Jeroen?


Best regards,

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