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Hi Good People,


Edward Moore and I thought the DH91 aircraft and livery pack, recently released by the Ford Project Team, could do with a little bonus pack of liveries to enrich your flying fun with this model by  Jans B. Kristensen.



See to get the original aircraft pack with 18 liveries (including paint kit) and to have a better look at the images for the Livery Bonus Pack for the DH91


It is very close to release - just have to build a self installer and a document on how to cut and past the expanded aircraft list in the aircraft.cfg file to add the extra's to the existing pack. 


Will let you know when it is all ready for you to download and enjoy.


Regards and happy simming.

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Hi Again good People,


OK - hopefully now what you have been waiting for - the 12 extra liveries are now available for download.wavey.gif

I have created two self installers

(1) - Bonus Textures only - contains the liveries and a text file with the aircraft.cfg entries for you to add to your existing pack for those that have installed the first portion.

(2) - Full Pack - Contains the entire aircraft and all 30 textures and a couple of paint kits - this is a destructive install - so if you have already installed it then the new install will replace everything in that directory.

Where do you get it? -

Regards and happy simming from Edward and I.

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this is a destructive install


I don't know, that terminology just sends shivers down my spine.  Can you imagine if a physician said, "we're going to do a destructive install of your artificial hip"?  Might end up with the "leg bone's connected to the ..... rib bones".  Nightmares!

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Hi Mate,


Yes a scary statement - but comes from the old school of computing when something was going to replace everything then it was called a "Destructive Install".


Warning simmers about the Full Pack install was because if they had done some repaints, or altered some of the liveries etc or added repaints to the old version then that work was going to be overwritten/replaced.


Rather warn users and protect their efforts than to destroy their efforts :(


Regards mate.

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