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Activate new panel window?

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Today I created a visual approach "Landing Panel" for the B737-800. I edited the original main 2D panel in by removing the lower part just under the autopilot so the panel now sits much lower in the screen giving you a full clear view of the runway. It sort of simulates looking over the panel to give a more clear view but still has that "in cockpit" feel.

The problem is I can't figure out how to change to it from the standard main 2D panel.

If I cycle through the view options (Main Panel -> Spot view -> Tower View -> Wing view) it does not appear on screen. How do I add it in? 

I have copied the bmp file to the panel folder of the B737 and added it into the panel.cfg as the next window number as follows:


window10=Land Panel






I'm at a loss as to how I can launch it from the 2D main panel.


The panel does work as I manually renamed the panel as the main 2D panel name and launched FSX. It displayed on screen and was great for visual landings.

There's no gauges there just yet as I haven't placed them for now.

I need to find a way to launch this panel from the main 2D panel.

Anybody got any ideas...?



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If you can set it to a lower window number, you can open it with a shift-(n+1) key combination.

e.g. Window04 with shift-5


Or, you can use:  ident=MAIN_PANEL_ALT1 and open it with the W key when in 2d view..


Or, you can open it from the FSX Views window..


Or, you can build a little XML gauge that allows you to pop it up with a mouse click.

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Hi Bert, thanks for the reply.

Just got it to appear using shift-4. I commented out the throttle window (Win 03) and replaced it with my Landing window but the main 2D panel stays in place.

How do I get the main 2D panel to disappear(unload) off screen when the Landing panel loads?

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Shift-1 should remove it - but you might also try the ident=MAIN_PANEL_ALT1 route..

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Hi Bert,


Yeah, the shift-1 and shift-4 combo works great.

I don't fully understand the ident=MAIN_PANEL_ALT1.

In the panel.cfg, where exactly do I put this line, in [WINDOW 00](MAIN PANEL) or [WINDOW 03](LANDING PANEL)section.

Also, am I fully replacing the ident statement with this line or adding it in while leaving the original ident=MAIN_PANEL in place?

Then what key combo do I use to trigger the panel switch.

Here is the relevant section of my panel.cfg as it is right now:


[Window Titles]

Window00=Main Panel

Window01=Radio Stack


Window03=Land Panel

//Window03=Throttle Panel

Window04=Overhead Panel

Window05=Trim Panel




Window09=Mini Panel

//window10=Land Panel






VIEW_FORWARD_DIR=-1.000, 0.000, 0.000













window_size= 1.000, 1.000

window_pos= 0.000, 0.000


gauge00=B737_800!pfd_screen, 189,548,218,219

gauge01=B737_800!pfd, 208,566,179,179

gauge02=B737_800!mfd_screen, 409,548,218,219

gauge03=B737_800!mfd, 428,566,179,179

gauge04=B737_800!eicas_screen, 740,548,218,219

gauge05=B737_800!eicas, 759,565,179,179

gauge06=B737_800!compass, 839,39,91,62

gauge07=B737_800!autopilot, 561,330,491,90

gauge08=B737_800!knob_1, 329,501,31,35

gauge09=B737_800!knob_2, 390,501,31,35

gauge10=B737_800!knob_3, 830,480,31,35

gauge11=B737_800!clock, 77,570,105,105

gauge12=B737_800!attitude_backup, 630,444,104,105

gauge13=B737_800!adf_vor_backup, 630,662,104,105

gauge14=B737_800!alti_and_asi_backup, 631, 555 ,103,103

gauge15=B737_800!gear_lever, 959,516,65,249

gauge16=B737_800!annunciator_below_glideslope, 214,517,52,27

gauge17=B737_800!annunciator_le_flaps, 854,516,100,28

gauge18=B737_800!annunciator_speed_brake_armed, 516,516,51,28

gauge19=B737_800!annunciator_auto_brake_disarm, 823,441,47,27

gauge20=B737_800!annunciator_anti_skid_inop, 812,517,37,27

gauge21=B737_800!efis_control_panel, 416,344,143,76

gauge22=B737_800!flap_indicator, 892,452,59,59

gauge23=B737_800!annunciator_panel_1, 267,361,132,40

gauge24=B737_800!annunciator_panel_gear, 958,454,66,71

gauge25=B737_800!Knob_N1_Set, 755,454,43,46

gauge26=SimIcons1024!ECU Icon, 457,440,14,15

gauge27=SimIcons1024!Overhead Icon, 473,440,15,15

gauge28=SimIcons1024!Kneeboard Icon, 569,440,15,15

gauge29=SimIcons1024!ATC Icon, 553,440,15,15

gauge30=SimIcons1024!Map Icon, 537,440,15,15

gauge31=SimIcons1024!GPS Icon, 489,440,15,15

gauge32=SimIcons1024!Radio Icon, 505,440,15,15

gauge33=SimIcons1024!Other Controls Icon, 521,440,15,15

gauge34=n_number_plaque!n_number_plaque, 95,731,67,19

gauge35=B737_800!annunciator_speed_brake_armed, 1083,518,51,28

gauge36=B737_800!mfd_screen, 1024,548,218,219

gauge37=B737_800!mfd, 1043,566,179,179











window_size= 0.129, 0.438

window_pos= 0.871, 0.562


gauge00=737-400!Comm 1, 0,0,159,68

gauge01=737-400!Comm 2, 0,68,159,68

gauge02=737-400!Nav 1, 0,135,159,68

gauge03=737-400!Nav 2, 0,203,159,68

gauge04=737-400!Transponder, 0,271,159,68

gauge05=737-400!ADF, 0,340,159,68

gauge06=737-400!Audio, 0,409,159,32











window_size= 0.226, 0.281

window_pos= 0.780, 0.718


gauge00=fs9gps!gps_500, 0,0,455,377











//window_size= 0.186, 0.427

//window_pos= 0.600, 0.580


//gauge00=B737_800!ECU, 0,0,265,366









window_size= 1.000, 1.000

window_pos= 0.000, 0.000

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Change  ident=LAND_PANEL  to  ident=MAIN_PANEL_ALT1


Then toggle through the 2d views with the W key

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Yip, that works too but now about 50% of the lower half of the screen is now black where the main panel used to be.

How do I get the screen to fill automatically when I change to the LAND Panel?

It automatically filled when I used the shift-1 and shift-4 combo.

The MAIN_PANEL_ALT1 is a much more easy change over, less finger gymnastics.

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Add something like:


[Default View]


to your panel.cfg file

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Hi Bert,


I'm not having any luck with this one.

I tried adding it in various locations in the panel.cfg.

When I added it into the [Views] section the LANDING PANEL worked but then the MAIN PANEL is pointing skywards at stand still.

It's almost like the plane is tilting up at a 60 degree angle when using the MAIN PANEL.

It seems there are multiple windows open at the same time. You have the planes panel window plus the FS World window.

It's the FS World window that needs to be re-sized to fill the screen where the MAIN PANEL used to be.

What section of the panel.cfg should I exactly place this code.

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Sorry, you got me there... I'm out of ideas, I'm afraid..


This section typically goes at the very end of the panel.cfg file, by itself.


For the FSX 737.. that is where you'll find it... just edit the SIZE_Y value..

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Hi Bert,


It works!!! I just put it in at the very end of the panel.cfg like you said and bingo, it worked.

I think this is the way to go, much easier to switch.

Thanks for all your help. I would not have been able to do this without you.

You sure know your stuff when it comes to FSX.

Panel setup can be very confusing at times. The basics I understand but it seems there is a lot more to learn.

Thanks for the help and happy flying.

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Hi Bert,

It's me again. I think I got a little ahead of myself when I said it worked.

The LAND Panel does work at the new [DEFAULT VIEW] setting but in MAIN PANEL mode the plane still looks like it's stiking up at 60 degrees.

I think I'm figuring out how this panel stuff is fitting together.

The [DEFAULT VIEW] that you mentioned is referring to the FS World window size(WxH) as opposed to the Panel window size.

In MAIN PANEL view at [DEFAULT VIEW] setting this window size works perfect.

When I change to the LAND PANEL view the [DEFAULT VIEW] size does not change accordingly leaving the black void.

It seems just as in the real world one size does not fit all.

Is there any way to individually specify the [DEFAULT VIEW] size setting in panel.cfg for each panel/window that is loaded.

For instance in [Window 03] is there a set of code that I could put in to change the [DEFAULT VIEW] size automatically when [Window 03] is loaded.

Right now I'm back with the shift n+1 combo which works. Strange that the [DEFAULT VIEW] size automatically changes to the correct size for both panels using this method and not for the MAIN_ALT1.

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It is a hit and miss affair..  I'd say: stick with what works!

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Actually, one more thing to try...




That is another "special" panel definition in FSX, and may just work for you..




VIEW_FORWARD_DIR= 3.0, 0.0, 0.0


the first parameter changes the view up and down..

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Hi Bert,


Tried these but not working.

I guess I'll stick with the shift n+1, at least it works.

I just can't figure out why the [DEFAULT VIEW] changes correctly using the shift n+1 method and not for the MAIN_ALT1.

Anyway, with all this experimentation I've learned a lot more about the panel setup than I knew last Friday.

Once again, thanks for your help.

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