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Route discontinuity

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Flight KRDG 36 - KACY ILS 13



 I would like to know if it is possible to remove the DISCONTINUITY, i can't paste SMITS?

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DISCOs are very common and do not necessarily mean you did anything wrong. In this case, it looks like the missed approach procedure to hold at a fix is missing the segment to get to that fix. I would keep it simple and just move the lower SMITS on pg 3 on top of the SMITS above the disco. Do this by pressing the LSB next to the lower fix and then pressing the LSB next to the upper instance of the same fix. That might work.... also, watch wat happens on the ND when you put the EFIS ND mode to PLAN and step through the flight plan... ususally the reason for the disco becomes obvious.

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Best Dan Downs, thanks for your answer, i placed the last SMITS of page 4 in scratch pad, then placed this SMITS on page 3 at L3, and the DISCO disappeared.

very well of you, the first time removed a disco on this way?!  :Secret:

Rest of flight was perfect.

- Would like to know on LEGS page 1, VIA DIRECT to DETTE,  this means move the plane 180° manual to flight path, before LNAV wil works?

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Hello Jaap,


I would suggest you fly manually using vectors out of KRDG according to the prescribed departure instructions for this airport. They are :-



Rwy 18, climb heading 184° to 1400 before turning left.

Rwy 31, climb

heading 313° to 900 before turning right.

Rwy 36, climb heading 004° to 1100 before turning right.


More info can be found here:-




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