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I am having a couple of issues on arriving at the TOD.


I run the Descent Briefing then wait for the TOD. On arriving at the TOD I change the altitude in the MCP for the descent, then:


1) As I am reducing the altitude in the MCP (say for a descent into Newcastle, EGNT) to 2500ft. I get to around 3000ft on the adjustment and the FO says "1000 to go" then the FO makes an announcement saying "Cabin Crew prepare for landing".


After we have been descending for a few minutes the FO says something about "10000" cant remember exactly what it is but FS2Crew has '10k Descent' in the procedure/checklist window. Even if I am still at FL250.


2) On actually passing 10000ft, the FO says "1000 to go".


3) Altitude callouts seem to be out of sequence for where I actually am, even though Altimeter settings are correct.


Everything else checklist wise seems to work OK.


I hope you can help as, although it doesn't really mess with my landings too much, it is quite annoying.


Thanks in advance,


Michael Barber


PS. When changing the altitude at the TOD, I have also tried changing it up to 5 minutes prior to reaching TOD and also by asking the FO to adjust it. This brings about the same result.

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Your units of measurement in the FSX options menu are probably set to Meters.   Please set them to feet.



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That did the trick....


Thanks so much. Just have to work out how that changed. Probably one of those pesky kids of mine!!

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