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I have just moved over from FSX to P3D.


I don't quite know that to say. It is a very different world. I saw all this stuff moving and then realized that there were moving shadows! Oh my!


The learning curve will be a bit steep. I have a couple of questions and a statement. OH...OH...


OK...first the statement.


I'll never go back to FSX. P3D is a living world. Thank you Lockheed Martin.


I want to thank Microsoft for creating the world. We have a tendency to beat up on MS for everything that doesn't work. Human nature. But without MS, there would be no P3D. A lot of developers owe their living to MS. We wouldn't be discussing flight simulation without them. Who else could have created the ecosystem that we now enjoy. Not easy to say thanks to a company that is now out of the loop, but we should acknowledge what got us here...wherever here is.


OK...questions to those who have jumped in at the sharp edge. I didn't have the guts to do it.


Is there a link that gives settings that start one off at a good place? I have a 4.4 4770K, GTX780 and 16 Gig memory. I want to start at a good average spot so I can begin to slide with confidence.


Are there any P3D.cfg hacks that actually improve the performance?


I have installed a number of FSX applications using Estonia Migration Tool. Rather amazing piece of software. Airbus X, EZDOK, Orbx Bob, etc. Thanks to Pavlo.


My concerns:

-massive shimmering. Have not messed with Nvidia Inspector. All settings in P3D. Any way to reduce shimmering?

-installed MyTraffic X using EMT. Lots of AI at 50%. Problem is there are no taxi landing or strobe lights for AI


I'm sure I will have more questions,


Thanks for taking the time to read this.




Graham Derreck


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Hi Graham, welcome aboard. I'd never return to FSX either.


- For settings try one of Rob Ainscough's




There are quite a lot of snake oil preachers out. Rob is one who knows what he does and did a lot of beta testing and research.


- I'd suggest forgetting any prepar3d.cfg tweaks. Most (notably former fsx) tweaks either don't work or are even adversely. My prepar3d.cfg is tweak-free, at present (except brake messages off etc.) The only exception is, you should get all the CPU cores running. This can be either done via an affinity mask setting in prepar3d.cfg (depends on you CPU - just google), via Task Manager (to be repeated after any start)  or via an external program like EasyToolz or Process Lasso (which letter I use). There are different opinions on the equivalence of the three approaches.


- Rob's Settings will take care of shimmering (Sparse Grid Supersampling does the trick).


- Be careful using the Migration tool. You can run into CTDs (Crash to Desktop) migrating addons not being fit for Prepar3d2. One well-known example are some Aerosoft airports installing the VistaMare dll which crashes Prepar3d2. Make sure, there is no  VistaMare (something like vimacore) entry in dll.xml, and delete the Vistamare directory, if present. This is only one example, there may be more poisoned dlls.


- I use Ultimate Traffic 2. It can be installed via the Migration Tool with a few additional steps (entries in exe.xml and prepar3d.cfg - just google again) and works just perfect (although the maker avoids Prepar3d like the plague).


- Take all suggestions (including mine) with a grain of salt. Prepar3d acts very different on different systems.


Have fun, Michael

MSFS, Beta tester of Simdocks, SPAD.neXt, and FS-FlightControl

Intel i7-13700K / AsRock Z790 / Crucial 32 GB DDR 5 / ASUS RTX 4080OC 16GB / BeQuiet ATX 1000W / WD m.2 NVMe 2TB (System) / WD m.2 NVMe 4 TB (MSFS) / WD HDD 10 TB / XTOP+Saitek hardware panel /  LG 34UM95 3440 x 1440  / HP Reverb 1 (2160x2160 per eye) / Win 11

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Hi and welcome on board!


Only CFG tweak for the time beeing you probably should do is the affinity mask setting that speeds up terrain texture loading especialy for photorealisitic scenery. I have tried a few more tweaks like in FSX but have not seen any improvements better to say they actually don't work in P3dv2!

Also using the Migration Tool without any problems (My Traffic 2013, lot's of add on Airports for FSX etc.)

Lockheed Martin already announced that in the next update P3dv2.3 there will be no affinity mask entry needed anymore, all cores will be used straight away!



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