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  1. Have the same issue!! AP on and my plane dives down to the right side.
  2. Have the same Problem since day 1. Also reported this issue to the devs.
  3. In P3dv2.5 you don´t need Affinitymansk anymore!!
  4. I´m not sure but since last hotfix everything runs way smoother on my mashine! I do not have tweaked cfg by the way!
  5. Applied the new Hotfix and no problems so far!!! Addons FTX Global+PNW Rex4 + soft clouds and Rex essentials plus Aerosoft BarcelonaX Aerosoft Los AngelesX Aerosoft Las VegasX My Traffic 2013 A2A C172 Aerosoft F14X (to be installed again after applying the hotfix) Aerosoft F16 Ai Carriers2 VLSO Megascenery Earth Blueskyscenery and tons of freeware airports everything smooth as butter no cfg tweaks at all I´m very happy with it!!!
  6. My addons in p3dv2.5 Aerosoft BarcelonaX works but you have to delete Vistamare folder otherwise P3dv2.5 crashes to desktop!! Aerosoft Las VegasX ok Aerosoft Los AngelesX ok Rex4 TD and Softclouds ok Rex essential with overdrive ok Aerosoft F14x ok Aerosoft F16 ok A2a C172 ok Megascenery Earth ok Blueskyscenery ok LatinVFR Caracas ok FSGlobal Ultimate mesh bundle ok waiting for ORBX objectlibs and VRS !!
  7. Any news how to set up Tileproxy in P3dv2.4?? By the way the download link for Tilproxy R086 doesn´t work. Can sombody provide a working link please!! thanks Harry
  8. Hi, I use MyTraffic 2013 from Aerosoft and since P3dv2.4 I never had any problems it works as it should! (installed with Estonia Migration Tool)
  9. I'm using R290X as well and it was the best upgrade I ever did! It works absolutely good in P3dv2.3! 400Euros worth it! Go for i!
  10. rockme


    Hi and welcome on board! Only CFG tweak for the time beeing you probably should do is the affinity mask setting that speeds up terrain texture loading especialy for photorealisitic scenery. I have tried a few more tweaks like in FSX but have not seen any improvements better to say they actually don't work in P3dv2! Also using the Migration Tool without any problems (My Traffic 2013, lot's of add on Airports for FSX etc.) Lockheed Martin already announced that in the next update P3dv2.3 there will be no affinity mask entry needed anymore, all cores will be used straight away! Enjoy...
  11. I use Aerosoft F16, Dino´s F14D, A2A C172 without problems...still hoping for a release of VRS F18 Superbug with Tacpack!!
  12. +1 for performance gain!! can´t wait!!
  13. Since v2.2 I can use My Traffic 2013 without problems, in v2.1 I had no AI traffic when MT 2013 installed that changed with v2.2.
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