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B77W Landing Techniquies

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Good day all,, let's assume you are established on the localizer, maintaining 3000 ft, 180 knots IAS, Flaps 15, 2 miles from intercepting the glideslope and you generally want to execute a manual landing. A/P and A/T ON at this moment, MCP is set to 180 kts, 3000 ft, APP mode ARM, G/S alive, autobrakes set, speedbrakes armed.


1. Is the above situation even appropriate generally for the 77W?


This is what I'm normally doing in the sim:

1. Let the A/P to capture the glideslope.

2. Upon capture, decrease speed on MCP to final approach speed +5 kts.

3. Extend landing gear at around 2500 AGL.

4. Apply speedbrakes above 1000 AGL if necessary

5. Deploy flaps according to the speedtape on the PFD

6. Disconnect A/P at around 1500-2000 AGL

7. Set the trim speed to FAS+5 kts

8. Manually set the attitude of the aircraft and let the FBW A/T do its job.

9. Execute flare at around 50 ft, land the plane, apply reverse thrust, keep the centerline, apply manual braking at 60 kts, stow the reverser and vacate the runway.


Can you add your comments? Is this appropriate? How is it done in the real aircraft?


Thanks for your feedback,



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for an ILS APP you can use this


Once you capture the GS, deploy flap 30, set the miss APP altitude, do the landing checklist.

Disesngage the AP / AT at your discretion. regarding trim technique, I don't think that you need to trim to the Vref +5 kts directly, when the speed is dropping gently trim so that you don't have to give too much input to maintain the flight path. When within 5 kts of the VRef +5kts, tap twice on the trim so that the blid trim enters in action and set the trim reference speed to you current airspeed.




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How is it done in the real aircraft?


The FCTM provides the official Boeing procedure.

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