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Trying to understand how FSUIPC/Widefs/panel building works...

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Hey all,


New FSX'er here, just built my i7 4790k system within the last few weeks and I have done a lot of reading but still have a lot of questions.


I am running a 40" led on my GTX770 as my main display. 


I am wanting to use a 19" lcd monitor for a "glass cockpit" on CRJ and LJ45 aircraft (I am building a home cockpit).


1.I am trying to understand how exactly to use FSUIPC, do I need the free version or payware version? (I plan on wiring switch panels and stuff with a usb adaptor down the road).


2. How do I use FSUIPC, is it a program you use while in FSX or outside?


3. I am trying to figure out what software to use for building a glass cockpit panel. What is the best quality/easiest to use?


4. When building the glass cockpit panel, how do I get it only on the panel display I'm using, and is there a way to save settings so it is there every flight when starting up. I am also curious if there is a way to integrate it so when avionics are turned off for example, the screen goes blank.


5. What exactly is Widefs used for, do I need it for this situation?



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1. You will need the Paid Version.


2. FSUIPC runs inside FSX.


3. That really depends on what you are looking to build and $$$. There are a number of Learjet builder blogs, a few:


4.Yes most gauge software apps will save their placement.


5. Widefs allows a networked computer to connect with the FSX Server and is only needed when you have  a program that looks for an FSX/FSUIPC combo. I

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Adding on top of what Ohsirus posted, WideFS can be useful to hook up hardware such as switches and LEDs to a client computer. This allows the hardware to still interface with FSX, but not take resources away from your FSX machine.


Check out these sites also:

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Just to throw in my perspective, FSUIPC is designed as a dll program that runs inside of fsx (autostarts with fsx in the normal install).  The free version (and pay as well) have the core function of reading from and writing to the internal variables in the sim.  FSUIPC then provides a means for external programs to access these variables via inter-process communications (IPC hence the name).  In fsx there is a somewhat similar capability provided as part of the program (but not as much power) called "simconnect".


The pay version of FSUIPC builds on the free one by providing a number of useful features for use by other programs or via a popup menu that can be launched in the sim.  In particular the pay version aids in interfacing controller hardware to control/display aircraft sim variables.  It can do this by intercepting the "normal" controller or keyboard inputs to fsx, or by directly manipulating the sim variables.


WideFS is an additional pay addon that provides the same FSUIPC interface to programs running on a second (or more) computer.  The WideFS program has a client-server model to communicate via network to the FSUIPC dll on the computer running FSX.


scott s.


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