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Ron Attwood

Yodelling tour anyone?

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In case there's no flight plan for Saturday, I offer, for your consideration, something of a departure from the U.S of A. 


Check it out


Orbx Global is recommended. I have been a bit tentative with the route but I'll fly it in the week and see if it needs tweaking (God! Where have I heard that before?)


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I am back from holiday and already working on the flight plan for Saturday (Oregon Leg 3: S Washingon & N Oregon Cascade Mountains), I should be posting it later today.  I've only got one more good Oregon flight plan to go after this one though, so maybe we could transfer the action to the Alps in a couple of weeks?  It might encourage me to go get Global openLC Europe.....

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The expedition in search of fresh Swiss mountain air is on! Alpen horns and cowbells at the ready, currency changed (rates for the Swiss franc (CHF) are as follows at the time of writing.

US$ =Parity

CAD =0.86

GBP = 1.54

€(yeuch!) = 1.21

We'll start our trip at a place in Switzerland called Locarno (LSZL)  and head off to another place in Switzerland called Ambri (LSPM).

Yes I know they're funny names but please don't show us up by silly giggling! Ambri is followed by LSMM, LSZC, LSZK and LSZF all of which are places in Switzerland. The next leg to Bern (LSZB) via LSZO is relatively easy in that they are immediately recognised as being places in Switzerland.

Comes now the exciting part. We head off the the world famous Reichenbach(LSGR) where the famous ENGLISH detective Sherlock Holmes had a contretemps with one Professor Moriarty (nationality, Foreign) and consequently fell off or over something Swiss. Hence the well known Reichenbacher Falls.

When we are all sufficiently recovered we will make our way to Saanen which isn't famous for anything in particular so the inhabitants don't have anything to do with those snotty Reichenbachese.

Finally the flight will take us to Lausanne, (LSGL) La Cote (LSGP) and our destination Geneve(a)(LSGG) which even Americans have heard of but can't quite place. They're all places in bloody Switzerland!


FSX Flight plan




Scenery = Whatever you got. I've got FTX Global, Vector and Pilote's Mesh


Aircraft = I'll be interested to see what turns up.


Yodel ay ee diiii :switzerland-flag:

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Just a heads up - while preparing the aircraft I will be flying I did the route and came up with one small problem. LSGR (LSAZ in stock FSX) did not show at all in the sim. The airport was there in the GPS / Flight planning database, but had no visual representation in the sim. All trees.  This was also checked using a bone stock scenery.cfg. I dunno, maybe just my setup. In any case I found the following files that work.


Scenery -

Needed for textures only -


In the readme it states -


1. Deactivate the standard scenery in your FSX Scenery folder : Scenery -> 0601 search File APX50150 (.bgl) move it to a subfolder named deactivated.


I did not ( & will not) have to do this. (May be necessary for Switzerland Pro scenery) I just put it at the highest priority and it shows up fine even with global mesh. (FS Global X 2010)


There are other files (including here) available but it seems most are used with the Switzerland Pro scenery. Another option is .




I will be flying this fun, beautifully painted & locally produced aircraft. Yes, it floods MASSIVELY (IRIS PC-9)  but "the" fix :P will be up later today on the spreadsheet. Flight regime is from 130 kias to 275 kias. 




LOOK!!!   Cumulo-Puffies  :Silly:





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I went to have a look at Reichenbach, sure enough, floating houses, sunken runways etc. I quick visit to Orbx Vector tool and ran the elevation tool.


Les result!




All good!

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- .... .- - / .. ... / .- / .-- . .-.. .-.. / ..- ... . -.. / .- . .-. --- .--. .-.. .- -. . .-.-.- / -. .. -.-. . / .--. .- .. -. -



that is a well used aeroplane. nice paint

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 This little Swiss run brings back memories. Back in the days, well, about 8 months ago. There was a race going on. There are about 6 penultimate runs during this and previous races in which I will never forget. This one, I guess, made a difference wholeheartedly teamwise. According to the other team's "smart dudes" doing time math 'n' such said this run pretty much got us ahead by 2 minutes with only 3 legs left to go, 1 of those was paramount of this leg.


 We, (Alot of us)  practiced this run after the rules came out cuz we knew it was a "key" run after the private planning. FSX accel  P-51 racers or better. After all the practices it was found a highly dangerous route could be done but visuals are necessary. "Aim for the ski chalet, go straight & descend, when you can't handle it, turn right,  "DIVE DIVE DIVE" and land."  Simple. HA!  Prior to departure on the run from LSZS to LOWI,  Harv (my wingman)  kept saying - "R U alright?"  "U sure?"   YEP was the reply. This was on the end of a 36+ hour run without sleep except for a couple 1-2 hour eye rejuvenations. It was deep darkness in Switzerland.


The flight went well except for the reminder to reset the gyro prior to take off. Could've shaved even a few more seconds. It was noticed 1/3 rds in the run @ Scuel.


The run was faster than ever practiced!


The route declaration ,  The route data and finally,  A replay of the flight . 


And of course my "sweetheart" sittin @  Samedan  (LSZS) showing her legs.



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I will be joining the Cuckoo Flight in a "Red Bull - Petronas" Pilatus PC-12 (the Flight1 version) 



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