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Capt. PERO

Preview - Version 2.5 with new features...

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Today I would like to show the next improvements of Version 2.5 wich will be released soon.
I created a new "Start Manager" wich will handle your "RunSets". RunSets can be assigned to one or multiple SIMstarter profiles. No more need to import 9 profiles for the same Startconfiguration. Simply create one RunSet and assign it to each profile.




Joshua Che, some of you might know him *smile*, asked me to include a feature to select your Starting Position at "Jumpstart". This is implemented as well...



New Features:

  • New Setting "Start directly to <JumpStart>" available
  • New Start Manager
  • New "Select starting position" at JumpStart
  • Laurent Gomez translated the whole manual to french! Thank you so much!


Hope you like it!

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Hi Pero,


thanks so much, These sound like valuable improvements.


I still would like to see some sort of ORBX/FTX Region switching funtionality included in the profiles, if only as a reminder like "Did you Switch to FTX NA?" or the like. Maybe it's me getting old, but I quite often forget the dreaded switch BEFORE starting the simulator.


Kind regards, Michael

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to begin excuse me for my bad English.

Thank you for your software.


The LiveryManager menu does not allow to make several configurations (like Scenery Manager menu), and activate them in each profile.


You have already achieved this management for scenery in Scenery manager. Then we can enable them, in the profile settings in menuset.


Could you make this change in the future for LiveryManager, in the same way that for Scenery manager?


Kind regards


Jean Pierre

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Hi Jean Pierre,


thank you for that good idea!

I will rework the LiveryManager in future (no timelime at the moment) and keep your feature request in mind.


Is it related to better performance if you would deaktivate all heavy planes when you are flying VFR? What is the background need of your request?

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Thank you for your answer, and for this upcoming change.

I am French and I fly in network for a long time. 

We often have problems of instability and enormous losses FPS, especially when aircraft are very close such as patrolling. These phenomenons exist in multiplayer via IP address, using tools like FSInn or Dafsim or so on IVAO or VATSIM.

They are less severe or do not exisent in free flight alone.


These problems can have a multitude of sources:

- Hardware (PC, Video Card, RAM, network throughput)

- Poorly designed scenery or heavy

- Aircraft badly programmed and / or from FS9.


This phenomenon has been demonstrated in particular by Jardy (French), it is nicknamed the flood. These aircraft of differents origins, made sometimes by professionals, saturate the network.


For some of them, patches have been implemented (eg by Jardy),for others the only solution is to disable them from FSX as does your LiveryManager software or a wonderful software released by our friend Jacky Brouze (Jabx)

Too bad all the same we can not make several folder, named as we please, containing a whole series of aircrafts (compatible, not compatible, VFR, IFR, warbird, transport, tourism, heli, gliders...) that we could activate all at of a sudden.


Be aware that even if the player (me) uses its aircraft compatible (not flood), if another player enters the session and does not have this aircraft, FSX exchanges it by a aircraft of our library. If the aircraft who has been changed is not compatible, the phenomena of Flood are repeated, and cause a reduction in FPS for all the players.


Therefore, depending flight profile, on the network or free flight, VFR, IFR, patrol, ...

it would be interesting to activate a series of aircraft, as a series of scenery.


Thank you for your great work


Best Regards

Jean Pierre

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