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Programming Flight Plan in FMC

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I've created flight plans at Route Finder, then plugged the route into SimRoutes. SimRoutes generated a flight plan that I could convert  and save as a PMDG file as well as an FSX file.  I first created a Flight from Newark ( KEWR) to London Heathrow (EGLL).  I checke the  NATS box and Route Finder selected a track, an I plugged it into SimRoutes (which subsequently gave me a route to save). 


When I load the saved SimRoute into my FMC, It immediately calls up the flight plan I created. However, there are no legs, and once airborne, when I go to activate the LNAV, the FMC says "no active routes".  It woul seem the the FMC is not accepting the flight plan.  Anybody have any suggestions as to what I should do or if I'm doing anything wrong?


Also, Am I the only one finding issures with the SimRoute site. I usually takes me several tries before I'm given a route, and then several tries to save the route. I keeping getting "  Oops! An Error Has Occured.    We apologize for the inconvenience." message....repeatedly.  It's rather annoying.  Any thoughts there?


One more point.  If I select No SIDs and No STARs with SimRoute, then when I go to select my departure details on the FMC....I get no options for SIDs at all. It seems crazy to select a SIDs with SimRoutes if you're not sure what runway  you'll be using.  Any comments here?


Suggestions and comments  are greatly appreciated.


Tom S.

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Paste the route "string" in here that you are pasting into Simroutes and I will give it a try.


The Simroute route parser page says "valid waypoint formats" for NATS is NAT_Z (if Z is currect track), but Routefinder produces a string using NATZ (ie no _ )


The Simroutes site is not up to date (although the NATS tracks are ?) and I often find it does not recognise newer waypoints, leaving gaps in the flightplan.  My method is generally to create a route in the FMC using the info from Routefinder, then saving the route.


If you are not getting departure SID options, then there is something possibly wrong with your navdata airac.

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Below is the route string generated through RouteFfinder.  I needed to disable the SIDS and STARS in order to generate the route though.  RouteFInder wouldn't generate a route with SIDS and STARS selected (saying they may not be up to date...).  Given that Simroutes is not up to there a similar site that can generate a good route I can save in PMDG and FSX flight plan file formats?  Thanks for your help!


KEWR (0.0nm) -DCT-> LLUND (20.3nm) -J37-> DUEYS (37.7nm) -J37->
GANDE (59.2nm) -J37-> IGN (68.5nm) -J37-> ATHOS (103.5nm) -J37->
ALB (133.5nm) -J563-> LAMED (175.8nm) -J563-> COVAN (271.7nm) -J563->
YSC (314.9nm) -J563-> YRI (487.3nm) -N354F-> LOMSI (1071.5nm) -NATV->
55N050W (1336.2nm) -NATV-> 57N040W (1692.4nm) -NATV-> 58N030W (2020.2nm) -NATV->
58N020W (2338.1nm) -NATV-> SUNOT (2510.2nm) -NATV-> KESIX (2543.0nm) -DCT->
PEPOD (2870.7nm) -DCT-> IOM (2901.6nm) -DCT-> EGLL (3121.9nm)




ID              FREQ       TRK        DIST       Coords                                        Name/Remarks

KEWR                          0              0       N40°41'32.92" W074°10'07.27"     NEWARK LIBERTY INTL

LLUND                        64             20      N40°51'45.04" W073°46'57.30"    LLUND

DUEYS                         2             17      N41°09'09.46" W073°47'48.52"    DUEYS

GANDE                        3              21     N41°30'36.66" W073°48'52.03"    GANDE

IGN        117.6              3               9      N41°39'55.61" W073°49'20.00"    KINGSTON

ATHOS                        5              35      N42°14'49.49" W073°48'43.56"    ATHOS

ALB       115.3             6               30     N42°44'50.21" W073°48'11.46"     ALBANY

LAMED                      11              42      N43°26'52.64" W073°42'13.78"   LAMED

COVAN                      41              96      N44°44'25.68" W072°23'43.55"   COVAN

YSC       113.2           42             43        N45°18'58.74" W071°47'17.18"   SHERBROOKE

YRI        113.9            38           172       N47°45'27.08" W069°35'23.17"   RIVIERE-DU-LOUP

LOMSI                        60           584       N53°06'00.00" W056°47'00.00"   LOMSI

55N050W                   74            265      N55°00'00.00" W050°00'00.00"   55N050W

57N040W                   79            356      N57°00'00.00" W040°00'00.00"   57N040W

58N030W                   87            328      N58°00'00.00" W030°00'00.00"    58N030W

58N020W                  95              318     N58°00'00.00" W020°00'00.00"   58N020W

SUNOT                     114            172      N57°00'00.00" W015°00'00.00"   SUNOT

KESIX                         99              33      N56°57'00.00" W014°00'00.00"   KESIX

PEPOD                    119             328      N54°16'16.00" W005°34'09.00"   PEPOD

IOM         112.2        113               31      N54°04'00.72" W004°45'48.51"   ISLE OF MAN

EGLL                       133              220     N51°28'39.00" W000°27'41.00"  LONDON HEATHROW

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Simbrief is a great flight planning site but does not generate routes. It will suggest routes if others have entered them for the same airport combination.


I think the problem with the route posted above is that it contains NATV vias. To enter a NAT in the FMS you need use the waypoints along it as a series of direct legs. The FMC will not recognise NATV as a valid airway.

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What do the people at RouteFinder say? If they have the option to save as a PMDG file, they must know how to make it work for PMDG.


If you open the PMDG file in Notepad and delete all instances of NATV and save the changes, would that let it work?

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Try .  I have used this a lot and it works quite well.  It will create the files for you but you then have to save and/or copy them to the correct folders in you FS installation.  To load into you FMC you have to enter the flight plan name (without the .rte extension) into the scratchpad and then enter it into CO ROUTE (RLSK6). Your flight plan file would be KEWREGLL.rte and you would enter KEWREGLL into the scratch pad and then click RLSK6.

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I have a problem with 747-400 PMDG
I insert on the FMC the airports, SID, the STARS, the route points, make click on you execute, the color of the route on the pdf becomes of color magenta, when I make the departure I insert LNAV, but the airplane turns where it wants and it does not follow the set up route
what I must make?
I premise that FMC always is updated

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