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Strange behavior after FSX re-install

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Greetings & Happy Holidays,


I recently had to re-install Windows 7 (64 bit) and FSX on my computer.  Right now, I have minimal installation with the follow FSX items:


1. FSX, SP1 & SP2 (started FSX after each installation)

2. Go-Flight GFconfig 2.24 build 4

3. Go-Flight PMDG Interface

4. ActiveSky Next SP1 Build 5410

5. PMDG NGX 800/900 & 600/700, both 3219 SP1c update

6. PMDG B777-200 & -300 Expansion pack, both with SP1c update


I followed the PMDG B777 Introduction document to configure FSX.cfg and internal FSX settings.


Here is the problem.  I start FSX using the Free Flight option to load my PMDG aircraft and departure airport.  FSX starts and the PMDG aircraft starts.  With NGX ( have not seen it with B777), a few seconds after the airplane begins loading and it is still going through its 15 second load, FSX screen go to the "black" screen and displays the "Loading...." dialogue box.  I cannot determine what, but it appears that it is loading something.


Today, I receive a FSX failure dialogue box with the message  that a PMDG module failed to load.  I closed the dialogue box and it appeared that FSX and PMDG NGX (B737-600) continued to work.  However, I was unable to get some switches (e.g. autobrake knob) to turn.  No explanation.


One more note.  I had to re-install FSX twice because the first time I did not re-start FSX after installing both SP1 and SP2.  Yes..dumb, I know...  I did notice this behavior with the first install.  Also, NGX and B777 did not ask for license after the second install, which I thought was strange. 


Any ideas what might be happening with my new FSX installation?  I do not want to load additional items on to FSX just to have go through the re-install process.  An recommendations on how to fix this problem?  Is it best to re-install?  Any issues with PMDG licenses with the second install?


Thanks everyone,


Rich Boll

Wichita KS 



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Once you activate your license on the machine, you can uninstall/reinstall as many times as you like.  So long as you don't overwrite the windows installation or make significant hardware changes, the license activation will remain stored on the machine.


Sometimes life is just that simple.  B)


One the problem you are having with the NGX- i suspect one of two problems:


1) A known bug in the NGX that causes it to crash if the sound card isn't properly configured/available at the time FSX is launched. 


2) A known bug in the NGX that will occasionally try to configure the flight control hardware before it has been initialized, resulting in a CTD of the software.


For #2: Disconenct your hardware completely from the machine and try...  if thep roblem cures- then you know what it is...  Report back and we can offer some mitigation advice.


For #1: This is a bit harder to suss out on your own- but it might be worth completely removing the sound device, doing a clean driver sweep, reinstall and install the most current driver.  That will usually cure the problem.


Both of these problems were identified in the NGX after the last SP- so we resolved them in the 777.  That is why you don't see the problem there.


We WILL fix this in the NGX... we aren't entirely certain when that update will take place, however.

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Hello Robert,


My apologies for my late reply.  I was away from my computer.


I appreciate the information on the issues.  I will look at both of those today or tomorrow, time permitting. 


Concerning the flight control issue, I am not getting a CTD.  All I get a brief black screen with the MSFS "Loading...." dialogue box.  Now, I have run B777 and have not seen the same behavior.  Therefore, it might connected to the flight control issue.  I might load FRAPS back on my computer and shoot a movie of it.


Thanks again for your help!  I enjoy these aircraft and look forward to future releases!


Happy Holidays!


Rich Boll

Wichita, KS

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Hello Robert & PMDG team,


I could not resolve the strange behavior (FSX black screen & "Loading...." dialogue box) appearing after loading PMDG NGX and B777 during or shortly after completing the PMDG 15 second program load cycle.  I resorted to a removal & reinstall of FSX.


I have re-installed FSX and all service packs, carefully following PMDG's instructions available from your website.  I made no changes to the FSX configuration other than screen resolution to the 1900x1080 for my monitor and selecting that annoying opening music to OFF! 


I have re-installed NGX only and thus far have no issue with the black screen & dialogue box reappearing.  I have following options available:


1. Loading PMDG B777

2. Setting up FSX.cfg from the PMDG Intro doc and Bojote's tweaks

3. Loading ASN weather.

4. Loading World of AI and several AI models


I will likely fore-go #4 for the time being.  Any thoughts on the other 3 options and which order?


Thanks & Happy Holidays!



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Any thoughts on the other 3 options and which order?


The order of your three items shouldn't matter.

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Hi Dan,


Thanks for your help!  I am going to begin the re-install process shortly.


if you ever see a CL30 with a big blue tail at CRP Signature, please stop by and say hi.  It might be me.


Merry Christmas!



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After a clean install of FSX through SP2 and PMDG's NGX and B777 with applicable SPs, I have reloaded ASN, Go-Flight, and the PMDG Go-Flight Interface.  So far, no repeat of the strange startup behavior. Fingers crossed that this problem has gone away.


I have re-loaded World of AI and am contemplating not doing so, or doing it very, very cautiously.


Thanks for everyone's assistance!


Happy 2015!



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