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need some guidance 780 to 980 ?

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i have i7 overclocked to 4.5 (and very stable) but running a GTX780.


Will it really make such a difference to get a 980? Would this 980 not sit and wait for CPU and idling along? if 980 get a yes, which one would you recommend, then


I am reasonably content with what I have, but you know there is always going to be the question, but maybe it can be better


Sorry I am not that technical

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You will not gain much.  A good test to know if your GPU is limited is to do as follows:


Get and install GPU-z:


Run it and click on the tab label "Sensors", locate the indicator call GPU load. 


Next start Task Manager and select the performance tab, this is where you look to find how busy your CPU is.


These two simple tools will give you an indication as to where your resources are spent. So the next step is to start your sim in window mode (XPX, FSX, or P3Dv2.  For FSX, put the entry "BufferPools=0"  this will force the sim to sent everything to the GPU directly.  Or, you can leave this off)) 


Now go to your start location where you see the lowest FPS, take off and fly around and take a look if the GPU-Z GPU load is at 99%, if it is then your GPU is the limiting factor.


I am about to upgrade my GPU to GTX980 from GTX680 since I found that with XPX and P3Dv2, the GTX is running at 99% while my CPU is only loaded at 50% or less. With XPX the CPU is constantly at 30% or less.  I am running a i7-2700K @ 4.8 Ghz, and this test just saved me thousand in changing my CPU, and new Mobo etc.  


I found that with FSX-SE I now can run the BufferPools=0 without artifacts, so with that sim, in PNW, found that the GPU load was at 99% in tight turns, which I also noticed corresponded to stutters when this happened.


Good luck.

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