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  1. Yes indeed, It now include the WHOLE WORLD.! see timm-hh post for details
  2. Well thanks for the info. Downloaded the latest trainer installation file, (Do NOT INSTALL as ver 5 is not working with flight1 GTN750/650), extracted the data from the exe file, added to the garmin files, and whalla, all working..! all updated, and I have terrain data for "WHOLE WORLD". It really is a bummer for those that bought the trainer CD though to get the terrain data, as that data is now basically available for free..! absolute awesome now..!
  3. the instructions are in post 3 and 6 of this thread. just go back one page
  4. Thank you sooo much..! I really appreciate this fix. I really dont mind setting all sounds to "OFF" as long as old betty is no longer screaming at me.
  5. I just love this new GNS 750, but because I am flying helicopter the TAWS alerts is driving me nuts. How do I switch it off. ? Any help much appreciated.
  6. After approval of original developer. you can get the files here. see instructions on top. i do not do support for these. http://www.mediafire.com/download/yh1cokpdyd8ydkh/172Things4.CAB http://www.mediafire.com/download/5v7dgc7ht3ob5c7/172Things5.cab
  7. Ok guys I am willing to give it another try with the new CPU after my little run-in I had. now please help me out here. I used a thermal paste that was not mentioned here in the thread as that was what I had left from a previous build and import of the paste. It is called "Gelid GC extreme". At the time it seemed when I imported it, to be one of the more "good" thermal pastes from reviews I read and I never had isues with using that between cpu and water cooler block, but maybe it is not any good for between die and lid. now here you guys talk about LMPRO and coolebarotis "liquid" that is unlike mine that is a paste. Would you guys send me a link or two or thee, of the stuff I need to import. Yes I have googled it but neeed to be sure. I just want to make sure I import the corect stuff. - living in africa is not just get in your car and get/return the stuff at the shop around the corner and it is not available locally. Much appreciated. Is this the stuff I need to get ? http://www.frozencpu...e_Material.html ot this http://www.frozencpu...l?tl=g8c127s451
  8. Unfortuanately not and I only have FSX installed as a game. Maybe I should have tried to run a benchmark or maybe bought a cheap game to check it against to see if it also happen in other games. In the mean time I also did buy myself 3dmark11 and pcmark07 last night, and have ran some benchmarks with 3dmark11, with the new CPU and that perform on par with simmilar setups when i compare scores on the futuremark site. I have not yet run any pcmark07 benchmarks. hopefully I will have time to do that tonight
  9. I hear and I understand what you guys said. I also did run it stock standard settings - cmos reset) and the problem continued, so even t stock standard I have had this stuttering with FPS anything from 2 to 100. So I doubt it is anything with voltage to do. What bother me the most is that the system ran absolutely perfect for more more then a week with the miost awesome fluidity - I hope that is the word. So yes Martin also pointed outonce set it CANT be damaged and the fact that it did run a week, make this one a tough cookie. Unfortuanately I already bought a new CPU and that one run like a dream, standard and overclocked. So no need to try and find te culprit. After replacing the RAM, motherboard and CPU my problems ended after replacing the CPU. SO honestly I dont know what happend. This is a mistery for me.
  10. Well well after a lot of initial hype for me, around this I seem to have damaged the cpu with during my "delidding" process. For a week it ran beautifully and then I seem to get problems like it seemed my RAM was bad as if the memory processor just is not doing its work where I got FPS from 2 to over a 100. starting to stutter like mad where it was fantastically smooth initially with set FPS of 30 and it never deviated from that (only fly backcountry). So I replaced 2 RAM sticks, still no cure, also tested it one by one, always same result. So I replaced motherboard , still no cure. then i removed cpu and after cleaning I thoroughly inspected the cpu throroughly I found some scratch marks on the CPU core as if someone used some sandpaper (not that bad but for illustration of point) on the CPU core (this was like a mirrror after first delidding and cleanup. So it seems when I reset the casing and after removing the black epoxy the casing was being set so low that it actaully started to press direct on the CPU core and the casing scratched the core and resulted in the CPU memory controler to go for a loop.. new CPU, without delidding, running about 10 degrees hotter then after the initial delidding, all my troubles went away and I rather run it now at 4.4GHz instead of the 4.6GHz and well I cannot see a difference of this little downgrade in the overclocking to facilitate lower temperatures, unless I run some benchmark. for my eye however, no difference. So yeah it was great while it lasted but in the end it was a little expensive experiment for me.
  11. edit While playing FSX for about 30 minutes, this is the temps After exiting FSX. System idle to be honest I am one happy camper today.!! EDIT: Note I have also all cores "unparked"
  12. Ok so last night I de-"lidded" my 3770k What a surprise.. Under full load, max temp fell by whopping 14 degrees running the intelburntest She now run intelburntest at 4.6 without any strain..! (Running FSX naturally dont even come close to these stress test temps..) Oh and I am running with corsair H100 on a Maximus V Formula board with Corsair Vengenge2400 ram. I am very happy
  13. Just switch on panel lights and not cabin light. cabin light will still display the light. the trick is with the panel lights that also switched on the "dome" light. So to see the effect. switch OFF "cabin" light and only switch ON "panel" light.
  14. thanks, just did a night flight. HUGE difference, much appreciated. Good mod that will stay for sure.
  15. I am more then happy with this one, let us know where to download
  16. look here for repaint. just change rego http://www.sim-outho...=3&linkid=14962
  17. another + for this paint. Yep the texture making such a paint difficult, but it will be an awesome one. http://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/photo/238104.html in the mean time looking forward to the navy paint
  18. absolute brilliant paintscheme
  19. not a problem I changed that one for myself. afterall we so used to your absolute perfect repaints...!! again thanks for sharing your masterfully created repaints.. To be honest I always look out for whatever you create, I just knew it will be awesome.
  20. jankees iro my question above to the flag. here is actual plane photo
  21. Also could not find it last night but today I see it has been made available for download. Jankees Is the flag on the talsection in the pic above for the DGAC the right way round. should it not be blue white red.
  22. thank you, as always masterfully done.
  23. no it do not freeze.. just leave it alone. it look like freeze, especially large volume to search, but it is not.. It will close once it is finished. This work 100% anyay it cannot brake anything (from what i understand)
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