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How to get FS Global Real Weather looking like ASN?

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I bought FSGRW a while back and have been pleased with it.


I got a new pc and thought I would look at ASN, and am amazed at the difference. ASN reproduces better looking clouds. Are they realistic based on the real world, not sure, but they look great.


Before I spend money on ASN, just wondering if there is something i can do with FSGRW do get the clouds btter looking as they are flat as a pancake to be honest and look poor


I already have Rex Soft clouds









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you must change the slider dealing with stratus or cumulus clouds. The weather program does not affect the clouds itself, but perhaps ASN use more cumulus clouds, and they are not flat.

You can change the behaviour of FSGRW by moving the realism slider unter Setting, General Settings, realism, to the left, so FSGRW will use more cumulus clouds.

I hope this helps, i am using the german version, so perhaps you have to search a Little bit to find the menu, where youu can change the cloud drawing realism.



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The clouds are like that in FSGRW because that was probably what was reported in the metar. The clouds aren't always big puffy cumulus in the real world, and FSGRW reflects that. That is what I like the most about FSGRW. There are often times when I do see cumulus as well, but it only when they are really supposed to be there.


If you do however wish to always have cumulous, you can change the realism settings in the configuration settings in the menu as Matthias has  pointed out.



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Thanks guys, very useful :-)


I have mucked about with the settings, and whilst it does say they will be less realistic, I do prefer what ASN is showing and have moved the slider left quite a bit and looks good to me  :P


Thanks again



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