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the dreaded Fatal Error (on exit from P3D) with 2.5

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I thought I'd got rid of this with about 1.2 and OK through 2.2/2.3.  I'm getting again.  After exiting 2.5 - all seems OK the some 15 seconds later, up pops Fatal Error P3d etc. looking for solution etc. etc. boring.

Whatever, it is apparently some nvapi.dll unloaded according to Event Viewer.  Pain is of course that it then redoes all the scenery cataloguing and so on each time on restart as not saving  cfg changes on exit.  I believe nvapi.dll is a NVidia bit and I have just  of course installed the latest NVidia 347.52 driver.

Anyone have any idea please?


Cheers, Mike

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Not quite 100% sure, but somebody had posted that the latest Nvdia drivers were problematical. Where I read it, cannot recall.

Rick Almeida

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have tried rolling back - but the latest nvapi.dll sticks there.  trying take ownership/unload but . . .


Edit - rolled back, removed the later nvapi.dll copies but still fatal error - dunno what to try . . .

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Extensive searching found the solution if anybody else gets it.  Found where people with Assassins Creed get the nvapi.dll_unloaded  error in Event Viewer causing a fatal.  Whatever, go to SysWOW64 in Windows folder and search nvapi.dll.  Delete it  or back it up somewhere. Error goes away. Why?  GOK

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Thanks, good find. I've been getting this error each and every time I shut down 2.5 but removing it as suggested did the trick. Hopefully never to return.


Thanks again.

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NVAPI is the API provided by NVIDIA to query, access, and interact with the NVIDIA

driver and its capabilities.
 NVAPI is a DLL shipped with every NVIDIA driver and loaded dynamically by the
applications using it.


If one reads the documentation on nVidia's website, nvapi.dll is a library that allows apps to query  and update the 3D app profile database of settings. Other than nVidia Inspector (and possibly the nVidia Control Panel app), I can't imagine what else calls this library. And why P3d would call it is puzzling. But you never know.

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