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External Scenery.cfg from SceneryConfigEditor

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I am now enjoying your excellent program. I have an issue with the scenery file(s). I noticed there was a difference between the actual scenery.cfg file entries and the entries in the SIMStarter Scenery Manager. An explanation follows.


I use Scenery Config Editor to edit my scenery. I have the program set to use the NewScenery convention. Here's the text from Andrew Thorton's manual:


The “Follow the NewScenery convention” option should almost always be set. In this convention
when you open the default scenery file, it will be saved as NewScenery.cfg. This helps
Flight Simulator notice there is a change in scenery.cfg. You want this to happen. Just
be aware that when you open the default scenery.cfg when you save it will be saved as
NewScenery.cfg not scenery.cfg.

When I add or change scenery, it is saved as NewScenery.cfg. As a result, the scenery.cfg file is out of date until the simulator is run and it updates its scenery files. I created a workaround in a batch file which looks for NewScenery.cfg in Lockheed's ProgramData folder. If it is found, it is copied to another folder 'SimStarter', the existing scenery.cfg file in this folder is deleted and the NewScenery file is renamed to scenery.cfg. If there is no NewScenery.cfg file, the scenery.cfg file is copied to the SimStarter folder. This ensures that all current scenery is available to SIMStarter. I first tried to change the path to the NewScenery.cfg file, but SIMStarter didn't like that. That would have been all wrong anyway, as the NewScenery.cfg file is deleted once P3D has updated its scenery system. In the main SIMStarter options I have the path to scenery.cfg set to C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\SimStarter\scenery.cfg.
This a bit of a clumsy workaround, but it keeps the actual state of the scenery synchronized with SIMStarter. Would it be at all feasible to have an option to ask SIMStarter to look for NewScenery.cfg first and use that if it exists? If not, use scenery.cfg? Perhaps that raises other potential issues. I don't know. The other possibility is I'm using a complex solution to a simple problem.
Currently, I run the batch file manually, before running SIMStarter. I would like to use the autorun feature to run the batch file as part of each profile. My only concern is that any scenery that I have disabled for a particular profile, will be re-enabled when SIMStarter runs the batch file.
I would very much appreciate your advice and guidance.

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That simplifies things with respect to using an external file. Thank you!


...that was the main cause for this feature! ;O)


Happy landings!

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