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P3D Hardware Performance

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I am looking to break back into Flight Simming and wanted to get an idea of what sort of performance I could expect in P3D.  My system is as follows:


i7-2600 3.4 GHz

8 GB Ram



I realize the system is a little dated but I am considering purchasing an EVGA 970 GTX 4 GB (I have been led to believe that this 3.0 PCI Express card will not experience ay bottle neck as a result of the 2.1 PCI Express MB


I just run a single monitor 1920x1080


Any insight is appreciated.  Just trying to look before I jump :-)





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Generally they say that you could get better performance with a CPU upgrade instead that with a GPU upgrade, expecially if you run just 1 monitor.


According Geekbench I7 4790K has a 20% better perfomance in 32 bit applications 


I have one of these and can confirm it is really good, i OCed it to 4,7GHZ aircooled with just 1,25 voltage.


But you have a weak GPU so you should consider upgrade both, Maybe a little less expensive than GTX 970 (imho is overkill with P3d with 1 monitor but i'm no expert). Like GTX 670.


I have ATI r9 270x performing quite well with I7 4790K, most suggest Nvidia for the sim.


buying a GTX 670 with a I7 4790k and a Z97 mobo (I have a -p works fine even though it costs less than 100 €) I would spend just a bit more (200-300€) than buying a GTX 970, but you'll get very very btter results imho.

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This thread might interest you:


The 970 GTX is a good choice.


There is no such thing as overkill for P3D. 


Cheers, Rob.


I agree here with Rob however, it could be an overkill for your system hardware.

In general hardware has to be in balance for optimum performance including overclocking ;-)

If you going the route of the GPU I would upgrade the mobo/cpu/ram too ;-)

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Thanks guys!  I think I will most likely go with a new GPU.  Looking at getting the control hardare as well so I dont want to do the whole computer at this time.

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I spent just £99 on my new Asus GTX750 Ti OC 2GB and it totally transformed P3D in V2.5 (I used to have a GTX650 which struggled).

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