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Malaysian MH17 German failure

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"Three Lufthansa planes flew over the area on the day of the disaster - including one 20 minutes beforehand"


Do you really think they knew?

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Other airlines had rearranged their routes - Lufthansa decided not to do so. Now "a source" (at Lufthansa) is blaming the government???


(Pls. don't get me wrong: As a citizen and as a passenger I would like to see my government taking appropriate action. But Lufthansa "sources" are not in a position to blame their government, as the relevant information had been available to Lufthansa anyway.)

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Before jumping to conclusion or raising doubts about what Lufthansa did or did not do, lets remain factual and accurate, please read carefully the various press releases and avoid making criminal allegations or at best pure defamation (Would ANY responsible international airline knowing officially - after the release of such warning from the authorities - about this threat choose to blatantly ignore it???!!!). Lufthansa happens to own four airlines in Europe, all of them flying East over Ukraine. Furthermore LH did NOT blame the german government but indicated that they had not been informed, and that if they had been they would evidently have re-route their flights accordingly. They have a special security commity dedicated to these overflight issues assessing daily potential threats.


A number of OTHER Airlines (not only german by the way) had choosen to avoid Ukraine territory overflights way before that official notice was issued after July 14th, so the fact that some other german airlines opted out of Ukraine overflights was not linked to that official communication. Therefore making a statement assuming - and/or leading others to believe - that the LH group knowingly exposed its passengers and crews to a potential death threat is extremely serious and somewhat adventurous to say the least.


Let the german justice department do its work, Germany is not known as a laxist or negligent society. Someone will be taken to task over this sad episode if what is reported today is true. Incidently, Germany was not alone to know about this threat, other embassies must have issued similar warnings..

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