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The drive into work this morning was highlighted by the closure of Culver Blvd and West Jefferson west of the marshes. LAPD were in the midst of a gun siege involving a car hijacking near the Spa Del Ray hair salon.

So it was via Lincoln Blvd with its stop and go principle into LAX. Once I was parked up it was a relief to be at the office. As I made for the planning room it was essential that I stop by the coffee machine before anything else.

Traffic was still a bewilderment when the company coach took the crew and myself airside. 738AN was our machine today on a LAX - LAS working. It was not long before we had settled and were airborne.


The cloud was clearing as we passed over La Verne with the Foothill Freeway to our left.


The desert was looking hot as we passed San Bernardino and the Norton Air Force Base.


I guess you can never tire of the marvel that Mother nature paints the world that we live in.. Somewhere down there is the Bicycle Lake Army Airfield..

Just then the cabin crew advised me that we had a special guest on board with us. A fellow countryman who does a bit of singing in Vegas "Tom Jones".

So the customary invite to the flight deck was conveyed to Tom to join us. He was amazed that a Welshman was at the helm, after a good chin wag Tom left to re-join his seat for the approach into LAS.


Into the turn with the aptly named Mount Charleston Mountain view.


We are now on the final run into LAS using 25L.


One of the better aids that Boeing have placed on the 737 is the HUD.


A UPS on 25R with a money transfer to Atlanta. They don't keep it all in LV..


Let's get out of the way of the big fella behind, before he runs over me..


Shut down amongst the Canadians..


With a customary farewell to Tom as he thanked the crew, we could all head for the hotel and plan..


Thank you for flying Airnation today..

:hi: :england-flag:

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Love those!....color and texture of the high desert and Vegas skyline!



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